New Poll: Who Will You Vote For in the Arizona US Senate GOP Primary?

Sonoran Alliance just posted a new online poll which we would like to have your participation.

This week, we’re asking who you will vote for in the GOP Primary race for US Senate.

Candidates include, Congressman Jeff Flake, Businessman Wil Cardon, Businessman Doug McKee or someone completely different.

We will leave this poll open for one week and close it next Friday.

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  1. In reading several comments by others in other articles I’ve noticed that there are many questions brought up about both Cardon & Flake. I see that as a problem for McKee and also the fact that Flakes flipping on one issue in general will put him at risk with many Constitutional Conservatives and as for Cardon hope he wasn’t just talked into this race to be able to fund others who are looking for a way to make money in the coming year.
    I do believe that we’re still in need of a Candidate who’ll be able to unite the Constitutional Conservatives in the State as I don’t believe we have one at this point and unless and until one of them really proves that they do stand on the side of those who really are then many voters are once again going to feel left out and may just surprise the Republican Party with who they do support and this could also cause a real divide in the party.
    My concern once again is the same as it’s been in the past as the people in Ca. voted in Arnold and look what they ended up with and as many told me they voted for him only because they believed he’d beat the Democrat bad reason as look what it got them.
    We better either really find out what these three really believe early and then either support the one who closest to being a Constitutional Conservative or go find one. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

  2. Why not Pearce? He’s a true uniter. He has the charisma to create consensus on a strong Constitution. Washington needs someone they can look up to and that has the ability to rally everyone on important issues like an anti-flag burning ammendment. We’ve been looking for a savior and he’s our man!

  3. LEO IN TSN says

    Senator Pearce would be a great candidate, exactly the kind of man we need.

    For sure, it will NOT be McFlake. I adamantly refuse to again hold my nose while I vote for a big-government, tax-and-spend, anti-business, open-borders, pro-amnesty liberal Rino who works best with declared Marxist-socialists. Nope, it won’t be McFlake.

    God bless America, especially Senator Pearce and all patriots like him.

  4. Jessica Jones says

    You got to love the zeal behind all the ignorant rhetoric from the TEA Party in AZ… Club for Growth and FreedomWorks the unofficial TEA Party Super-PAC’s nationally endorse Flake because he is a “Constitutional-Conservative” (code for TEA Partier) but all the bigoted one issue voters here have congressional voting record amnesia when it comes to how Flake has defended ‘your’ newly adopted Sckousen principles.

    I’d love to see a challenge of Flakes voting record against the reTEArd Party platform and see where it doesn’t align. Please step up to the plate…


    • Thank you! Let his record speak for itself. I don’t understand how people could call Congressman Flake a “RINO”… it’s simply laughable.

      • LEO IN TSN says

        Let’s see, what is McFlake’s record:
        Supports gays in the military, to destroy the military.

        Supports gay marriage, to destroy the family unit.

        Supports Cap and Tax, to destroy American business and the economy, and drive up the cost of every item to the American consumer and the costs of all energy sources that fuel this country.

        Supports open borders, to destroy American culture and the American economy.

        Supports amnesty for illegal aliens, to destroy American jobs and the American economy with a whole new group of welfare mongers.

        Supports increasing the size and scope of all levels of government, to regulate and administer all of the above.

        Supports raising taxes on American taxpayers to pay for more government regulators and bureaucrats, and of course more IRS auditors and DOJ lawyers and federal judges to handle all that increased regulation.

        Supports raising the debt limit and raising taxes, to pay for all of the above. That’s why he voted “YES” on the Boehner Betray-US bill that morphed into the compromise debt deal that is now our legacy to future generations.

        McFlake is the kind of “conservative” that American citizens and tax payers and their children can no longer afford.

        God bless America, and the true patriots who work to protect and preserve her.

  5. A right leaning Independent, I vote for McKee. Knew him growing up and know his high integrety, education, and intelligence. I wish we could roll over this admin in DC.

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