New Poll: Who will win the Republican nomination in CD-6?


  1. AnObservation says

    This shouldn’t even be close.

    Ben Quayle is an entitled, arrogant, carpet-bagging sleaze that has accomplished next to nothing as a Congressman or as a private citizen.

    Prior to being elected to Congress, he was unable to hold a job and his sole success was helping to found a trashy, sex-themed website. Of course, regular readers of Sonoran Alliance know that he repeatedly lied about these undeniable facts during the 2010 election.

    While a Congressman, he has repeatedly claimed the work of others as own- whether stealing a bill from a Connecticut Democrat or claiming to lead the fight against Eric Holder when he isn’t even on the committee investigating the Attorney General. He showboats incessantly by doing things like giving up a pension that he both does not rate and technically cannot divest from. He won election by implying he was going “to knock the hell out Washington”. Now he wants to be a quiet workhorse. He touts his high scores on conservative scorecards and claims to be the “most conservative Congressman” but then turns around and touts the support of the moderate Republican establishment. He has flipped-flopped on important conservative issues like abortion, gay marriage, and stem cell research and then sends out mailers claiming to be 100% pro life and pro marriage. Ben Quayle indeed goes “both ways” (and as an aside, the Quayle campaign’s response to that mailer shows yet again that Ben Quayle has a dirty mind).

    These statements are not the twisted spin of the Schweikert campaign. They are the undeniable truth the Quayle campaign has never been able to refute and never will.

    Vote for Schweikert. He won’t embarass us.

  2. Standing for values says

    Why does Schweikert continue to follow the Obama Campaign model of personal attacks even to the point of throwing mud that didn’t stick two years ago…Anyone can easily go to YouTube or Google to disprove your claims and rediculous lies. Ben Quayle, is on the Homeland Security Comettee, Judiciary Comettee, Science and Techinology Comittee..He did in Fact question
    Eric Holder. Has the Number one ranking Conservative rating in AZ…Also, an “A” rating from the NRA….Schweikerts Conservative ranking is in the midd Sixty range…Schweikert’s Voting leans to the Left – being the deciding vote for Obsma’s green jobs initiative (a dismal failure) he sided with
    Nancy Polosi and liberals in Congress to support the Payroll Tax extension that added over $100 billion to the deficit this year alone. And a big one for Schweikert leading the charge to replace the dollar bill with dollar coins, woopi …
    Congressman Quayle’s fight is to protect our Freedoms,1st and 2nd Amendment rights as our Founding Fathers envisioned..
    Your Carpetbagging Referrance is laughable as you are quite aware – Ben Quayle did live in the original District – The Liberal Mapping – drew a Key whole cutout of his Home…He now lives in the district —Fact #1 CD 6 consists of nearly 70% of Ben’s current constituents….Fact # 2 CD 9 current
    Congressman is David Schweikert is 60.9% Now Who is the Carperbagger…Seems Schweikert gets that honor….
    Your comments hold true to the vile campaign model of the Schweikert campaign — whose goal is to keep his place as a professional politition.
    Though dirty tatics , so this is what we can expect from him the performance of a liar..

  3. Standing for values says

    Interesting my comments have been waiting for moderation for a day…Hum, is it because this is a
    Poll site slanted toward – a RINO and career politician – Schwerkert!

  4. Both men are fine Conservatives. I wish they were both going back to Congress. It’s a real shame they ended up opposing one another in a primary, but that’s what “independent” (ha!) redistricting has brought us.

    Their campaign ads that mock each other are beneath both of them (sigh).

    I favor David Schweikert because he has the stronger skill set and experience needed to continue the fight in Congress to keep us from falling off a fiscal cliff. Further, through multiple town halls and well-prepared material on his website, he has taught *all* his constituents about our nation’s financial crisis, including many partisan Democrats who remain open-minded. Overall, he’s the best Rep I’ve ever had, and I’ve been a voter for 45 years.

    If Ben Quayle does not win, I hope he’ll continue the fight for free markets, limited government, and fiscal responsibility via one forum or another, perhaps Congress again in two years(?).

    • I believe Ben Quayle wound up “beating the hell outta” himself, instead of Washington. He co-sponsored the Legal Workforce Act – which would have been a federal mandate for the use of E-Verifty. But unforunately, LWA would have stripped the states of ALL authority over employers of cheap illegal labor – and left enforcement to the likes of George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama – in other words – NO ENFORCEMENT. Quayle then voted against an amendment to LWA to remove that restriction to the states. That’s when I fell in love with him. Of late, Quayle was stumping for the Euro-brand “Blue Card”, which would allow importation of millions more foreign workers – just what we need with 8.4% unemployment and 20 million illegal aliens ALREADY here competing for jobs. Maybe he can go to work for Hasbro, makers of Mr. POTATO-E head.

      • Zoo, for once I agree with you.

        Any politician with “conservative family values” would not post on a sexually driven website that his moral compass was so broken that he couldn’t even find his car in a parking lot.

    • So, we know you’re at least 66 years old. How many checks from the Federal Government do you get each month, dleeper? I hope you’re enjoying the fruits of my hard work, since you’re taking more out than you ever put in.

      Next time you see one, thank a GenX’er. We’re working for you!

      • Anyone that age has paid into the system their entire working career, so how is it that dirty-socked drugged-out GenX libtards like you are funding his retirement? How many checks is your hero Raul ‘Reconquista’ Grijalva getting? If SA doesn’t start weeding out New Times Democrap crotch sweat like Klute, they are going to be forced to go with online subscriptions like the Arizona ReKlutelick.

        • Because Boomers like Dleeper paid less into the system than they’re getting, so other generations, especially Generation X, is having to pay for people like Dleeper to recieve Medicare, Social Security, etc. etc. etc.

          And the thing is, I have no problem with that. A strong social contract means a strong society. But the problem with people like Dleeper is now that they’ve gotten theirs, he has the priviledge of saying “WELL WE’VE GOT TO TIGHTEN OUR BELTS”… Because they’ll never have to worry about it. And someone like you, zoo, so clouded by their own bigotry and disappointment, you sign on to it, because you exist to make everyone miserable.

          “…like you are funding his retirement?”

          Because I have a job. Do you, zoo?

          “How many checks is your hero Raul ‘Reconquista’ Grijalva getting?”

          Always about Latinos, isn’t zoo? What happened? Some guy named Jose steal your girl?

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