New Jersey Governor Chris Christie endorses Wes Gullett for Phoenix Mayor

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 28, 2011
CONTACT: Daniel Scarpinato

Nation’s leading government reformer says “Reform does not come easy” 

PHOENIX – In his quest to reform city government and fundamentally change the way business is done at City Hall, Wes Gullett has won the endorsement of the nation’s leading reformer – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“I have been working to reform New Jersey. I know that Wes Gullett has a reform plan for Phoenix that will bring important changes to city government to jump start economic growth,” Governor Christie said. “Reform does not come easy. Entrenched interests will fight hard against reform. I hope that you will stand tall for Wes. Cast your vote for him and tell your friends and neighbors that now is the time to make a difference.”

“I am truly honored to have the endorsement of a true reformer like Governor Christie,” Gullett said. “Governor Christie’s straight-talk and unwavering quest to change the status quo in his state is a model for how I would approach governing here in Phoenix. We can’t afford to keep doing things the way we’ve been doing them.”

Watch the endorsement video:

Gullett and Christie met in Phoenix late last year at a Goldwater Institute event where Christie spoke about his reform agenda in New Jersey. Gullett shared with Christie his reform ideas for Phoenix.

Since that time, Gullett has released comprehensive plans to reform Phoenix city government and save money, including cutting red tape, reforming public pensions and a Seven Point Jobs Plan.



  1. Nordine Crub says

    Good for Governor Christie!

    Too bad some of the WINO Republicans like Conservative American can’t do the same.

    In case you’re wondering. Winning Is Not an Option for These sore losers!

  2. Wow, you know who this matters to? People who are already voting for Wes Gullett.

    No one else cares what that gastropod from Jersey thinks.

  3. Nordine Crub says

    Klute – what’s you problem? Your girl Michele Bachmann isn’t going to get the nomination so you pack up your toys and go home. Childish is the word that comes to me. Nordine

    • Actually, I’ve got no problem. I find these press releases awesome – because each one is designed to shore up Gullett’s base. And if he’s still having to shore up his base a little over a month before the general election, that means he’s making few inroads into vast majority of independent moderates and zero inroads in the Democratic base.

      And the best part about that, because Gullett has to keep bending over for the Tea Bag brigade, he’s pissing off a very large, very active, very vocal voting bloc – the nuts and bolts workers for the city, the trashmen, the code enforcement guys, the people who run the billing department, cops, park rangers, librarians, fire fighters, etc. And they’re sick of being treated like they’re the enemy, that they’ve got to sacrifice their already meager wages because Wes Gullett’s got some cronies to pay back.

      Most, if not the vast majority, of city workers make middle class wages (and not like poor little crybaby David Schweikert who thinks making over $200,000 a year is “middle class”). They get decent bennies and a pension, and they help keep a city of over 1 million running. We should be thankful for the work they do, not trying to f*** them over on a regular basis.

      Stanton’s got the support of the people. Gullett’s got the support of the conservative political class. Guess who’s going to vote in the general election.

      And Michele Bachmann isn’t going to get the nomination, which is sad. Because then Obama would win almost every electoral vote out there, and the coattails for the House and Senate would be ginormus. But God doesn’t love me that much.

  4. I didnt know that Christie worked for Chuck Coughlin. He has quite a team!

  5. So, now we know Christie is a McCainiac. Says quite a bit about him. It’s kind of like Mitt Romney’s endorsement of Rocky Anderson (ultra-leftie) for Mayor of Salt Lake in 2002.

  6. “The Klute” could have shortened his reply by simply stating: Gullet is pissing off a very large voting block, – The Unions. Period.

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