New Executive Director for Arizona GOP?

Word down on West Washington is that new GOP Chairman Randy Pullen has completed his national search for an Executive Director and will be hiring Sean McCaffrey, an experienced campaign director and fundraiser.  A Google search for McCaffrey provides us with the following biography.  If this is true, it should be good news for GOP faithful as this guy looks like he really knows what he is doing.

Sean McCaffrey is a veteran of campaigns and elections with more than a decade of experience at the federal, state and local levels since 1992. In addition to consulting on top U.S. House, Senate and gubernatorial races across the country, Sean was a partner in the strategic political and fundraising consulting firm of MKM Strategies, where he directed public affairs, strategic research and political practices.

Sean served as Political Director of the Washington State Republican Party, where he helped engineer breakthrough developments in GOP grassroots and issue advocacy efforts for the 2002 elections and beyond utilizing a landmark voter identification and targeting system now implemented by national and state political parties. These efforts, and a successful fundraising program, successfully reclaimed control of the State Senate and helped elect Republicans to a majority of the state’s county offices.
Previously, Sean served as Senior Information Officer in the Washington State House of Representatives. He was also appointed by Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed to the Washington State Elections Administration and Certification Board.

In 1999, Sean was the Director of Policy and Public Affairs for Freedom Alliance, a Dulles, VA, educational non-profit organization, where he also served as an aide to LtCol Oliver North, founder of Freedom Alliance, assisting with Col. North’s nationally syndicated column, radio show and television show, “Equal Time,” on MSNBC.

In the 1998 election cycle, Sean served as Deputy Research Director for Legislative Affairs at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in Washington, DC. There, he supervised campaign issue and message development for candidates for the U.S. House, and provided strategic research, training and consulting services to more than 110 congressional campaigns around the nation.

Sean is also a former Senior Political Analyst and Political Communications Director for the Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) in Washington, DC, providing political consulting services to a majority of Fortune 500 companies, the national business community and leading national associations and organizations. His record-setting political fundraising operation also brought in $10.4 million for more than 100 pro-business congressional candidates in the 1996 election cycle.

Sean McCaffrey is the author and editor of the NRCC’s 1998 Issue Book, a comprehensive issue/message guide for congressional candidates, and is the co-author and editor of Forward Thinking, a trade book published by BIPAC to educate American businesses about successful involvement in campaigns and elections. He also co-wrote and edited Elections-In-Sight, BIPAC’s monthly analysis of congressional and state elections for the national business community.

Sean is a member of the National Association of Republican Campaign Professionals, and is an instructor at the Republican National Committee Campaign Management School and other political workshops. Originally from Eugene, Oregon, Sean is a graduate of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He resides in Virginia.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Nice… Raises money, knows how to campaign, knows the issues, and can train candidates? Well done!

    • George Brennan says

      “Oh, what a tangled web we weave;when first we practice to deceive.” The association between the sheriff and the one filthy piece of work. Hitler operated in a similar manner.

  2. Looks like we have a highly qualified gent to get things going!

  3. Brilliant. He knows no one here, won’t know local issues, doesn’t get Arizona’s unique culture, has no idea how to get around, and probably can’t find his own office on a map. And we think he’ll be effective? Call me skeptical.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Actually David, the fact that he comes from elsewhere has two major benefits. First, he has not been a part of any intra-party battles, so he is not viewed negatively by anyone. He is baggage free and can be loyal to the Party’s interests first and foremost. Second, folks who are brought in from the outside are often given more credibility on their specialities by local folks. If Randy had picked a local person, we’d already be hearing about how so and so isn’t any good at this or that and how Randy was simply paying off a favor or campaign promise.

    Maybe you should meet him before deciding that he doesn’t get our “unique” culture (dubious given the phenomenal growth of the last 20 years has greatly diluted it in any case) or before you put him down for having no idea how to get around and being unable to find his own office on a map.

    If you can handle Pennsylvania Avenue, I’m thinking 24th Street shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

  5. I’m just sure Bill “Surfin’ Safari California Boy” Christiansen knew Arizona like the back of his hand.

    Will the next E.D. last longer than four months? That would be a major accomplishment. The only people who haven’t held this job so far are Larry Brown and Dennis Erickson.

    And: Like the last several E.D.’s were so effective!

  6. This guy is the real deal. Getting to know the lay of the land can be done, there are plenty of resources for that. The kind of knowledge and experience he has is only acquired and can’t be taught.

  7. Roger Thompson says

    Mr. Roney sounds miffed without cause. Maybe he wanted the ED position?

    McCaffrey has an abundance of experience, and sounds as though he can hit the ground running. I wish him well.

  8. I don’t know McCaffrey, but it appears he has some important attributes. He is experienced, he is successful, he knows grass roots tactics, he can raise money, he has a track record of working with Congressional members, yet he is not hand-picked by nor beholden for his job to the Congressional Delegation.

    We need to re-establish the three-legged stool of successful politics where all three legs are approximately of equal importance – Financial contributors, grass-roots volunteers, and elected officials. If McCaffrey can bring these three groups to the table and show each of them how they need the others in a way that brings cooperation, it will allow us to attain a veto-proof legislature in 2008, elect at least six Republican Arizona Congressmen, and take more city and county offices.

    Unless someone has another name in mind who can accomplish this feat, we need to support Randy and give McCaffrey’s resume credibility. Technology WILL be a deciding factor in accomplishing the aforementioned goals in 2008 – less than a year away from the full throttle petition gathering etal to begin.

    Kudos to Randy for already meeting with Senate and House leadership and attending the members caususes. In addition, he has reached out to elected officials and others who did not support him. Overall, a good show thus far!

    Let’s work for a Republican sweep by coming together under the Platform Planks that identify us as Republicans. Don’t forget that the Party Platform has been essentially the same for over thirty years and is, therefore, the mainstream of this Party. It should be clear that everyone is encouraged to come into the Mainstream of the Party. We will be successful if unified under a single banner that defines us – The Platform.

    PS: Good work Randy!

  9. I’m extremely happy with Randy’s choice. It shows that Randy isn’t playing games. Randy is hiring qualified individuals that bring experience and talent to the table. I hope McCaffery gets here soon and starts working right away. We have alot of work to do for ’08.

  10. Bill Christenson was booed off the stage because he was not from Arizona. This guy has similar credentials. What’s the deal? Why is there two sets of rules – one for Randy Pullen and one for everyone else?

  11. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Sorry Baxter, but no one here was booing Christenson off of the stage… Salmon replaced him with one of his own guys and that choice wasn’t always popular, especially at the end when he took a vow of silence to grease the skids for his new job… Show me the posts where Christenson was booed and I’ll retract, otherwise you’re just plain wrong.

  12. Baxter, that is the appropriate question. Why are there now separate rules and a higher standard demanded of Randy Pullen? Requirements that weren’t demanded in years past? Those who did not vote for him are sour, sour grapes.

  13. Baxter: Every Party Chairman and Executive Director since the early 90’s has been hand picked by one US Senator or the other.

    This is the first time in nearly fifteen years that either of those positions have been filled by people not totally beholden to those people.

    Traditional financial contributors have sold out their Republican core values for personal financial gain by supporting bigger government and the profits that come with an illegal work force.

    Congressional Delegation members have taken every action to centralize power for their own re-election to the detriment of all other elements of the Party including earmarking billions for campaign contributors.

    Also, do you ever wonder how a person who was making six-figures a year as the ED could ethically take a pass on the last election while he was still taking his eight grand a month? Where is your outrage at that?

    McCaffrey will be judged on his performance – it could turn out to be better or worse than in the past – but at least a cycle that has PROVEN to be a disaster has been stopped.

    Out of the limelight, Randy is using filling lower echelon positions with people who have a long record of Arizona grass-roots leadership. Obsequious whiz-bangs who only know classroom theory have not been the answer.

    One thing for sure, to do the same thing and expect different results is the definition of insanity.

  14. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    The Arizona Republic finally got around to the story today… So Sonoran Alliance scooped them by what, 4 days?

    And they wonder why fewer and fewer people are reading the newspapers for news…

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