New David Schweikert ad

The David Schweikert campaign also has an excellent new ad. We could not find a copy on You Tube but you can view the ad on David’s web site.


  1. Great message David. If I lived in CD5 I would be voting for you.

  2. I wish I could sport a quaff like David Schweikert’s…
    See I can just say things, but that doesn’t mean I’ve got the ability (or salt n’ pepper folicles) to bring my statements to fruition.

    I WANT ANSWERS from David Schweikert (and not his staff mouthpieces) about what happened at the Treasurer’s Office while he was asleep at the wheel. What about the double-billings on homeowners, the audit, and the fact that I got a refund check in June signed by resigned office-holder David Schweikert?

    I bet Club for Growth members throwup just a little bit in their mouths when they hear this “fiscal conservative” drove his last campaign to bunkruptcy, repeatedly got hammered with warnings from the FEC (I like the nonchalance of your willingness to spend donor’s contributions on the needless fines by the way), voted to raise gas prices (Can anyone say $6.00/ gallon), and was endorsed by the…YES…AFL-CIO. He and his supporters still fail to explain these blemishes on his record.

    If this guy can’t handle the finances for Maricopa County can we trust him with a blank check in Congress. It doesn’t matter though, Harry Mitchell will have that hair falling out in clumps by November as he skates to a second god-awful term.

  3. Ahhh…Our favorite shill for pro-abort liberal Bitter-smith is back making up stuff again.

  4. SeekTruth says

    David was endorsed by the AFL CIO? When? Do you have a source?

    This is serious! and crazy! Please give us a source.

    What sort of “Republican” gets endorsed by the AFL CIO?

  5. Yeah, I don’t know what TrueGOP is talking about.

    This post from politickerAZ makes no mention of Schwiekert reciving the nod from the AFL-CIO.

    As much as I like to see Republicans tear themselves apart, let’s keep it to facts rather than demonstrable lies.

  6. You beat me to it, but this sounds like something Bitter Smith would say.

    David must be hitting a nerve for the above to be said.

    Keep going David

  7. The proof of the AFL-CIO endorsement is in the ink. But in the great words of Reading Rainbow, you don’t have to take my word for it. Go visit your local library.

    Arizona Republic
    Sept. 10, 1994


    AFL-CIO Press Release
    Aug. 5, 1992
    Business Wire

  8. So, we’re talking an endorsement 14 and 16 years ago, respectively. That sounds really, really… not at all damning? I mean, I liked the band Jesus Jones 16 years ago… doesn’t mean I pop in the “Doubt” CD today.

    Again, I’d just as soon see the CD5 Republicans eat their own, but if I were a Republican, this would be a non-starter.

  9. Josh Kelly says

    Sorry TRUEGOP, you don’t get a pass on your first lie. Only after that is addressed should you continue to speak. You claimed that Schweikert filed bankruptcy, and that is not true. You said”it would only stay in his credit seven years” which either means you decided to do a google search rather than calling the clerk of the federal bankruptcy court (which of course reveals that your claim is false) or you’ve decided to run a credit report (again showing nothing) and violated federal privacy law in the process.
    Either prove the claim on this alleged BK or everyone will view the remainder of your posts with the skepticism they deserve.

  10. The thing is, your choice in music 15 years ago doesn’t mean anything. As a politician running on a platform of experience, Schweikert being in bed with the AFL-CIO when he was in his only lawmaking capicity as a state legislator causes me serious concern.

    As SeekTruth said “What sort of “Republican” gets endorsed by the AFL CIO?”

    My thoughts exactly.

  11. I think it is funny that “TrueGOP” refuses to answer Mr. Kelly’s post. Proof enough to me that she/he is a liar. I have seen her posts on “TrueGOP” claims that she/he is a Knaperek supporter. I would renounce her if I was Laura.

  12. I'dRatherBeFlying says

    I might not buy the bankruptcy thing but if that article is truely what TrueGOP said it is this could be an issue. I don’t think anyone else in this race (RHINOs included) has ever been endorsed by the AFL-CIO.

  13. Harry Mitchell won as a DINO. He won’t fool us again.
    RINO’s won’t fool the district either.

  14. SeekTruth says

    Sorry- just logging back on. Not sure on the bankruptcy stuff either, but the AFL CIO Stuff is concerning. 1994 and 1992? is that two endorsements or one?

    I don’t care if this was 14 years ago or last year. If anyone is arguing that time makes a bit of differnece is arguing for fair weathered politician who will vote with the RINO’s whenever he/she seems fit. Our nation is in trouble, and we need true conservatives who are committed to our party. Being endorsed by the AFL CIO (if this is in fact true) speaks volumes- volumes about a person that we should absolutely NOT ELECT.

  15. TrueGOP,
    See, this is something I don’t get – is there no room for apology or growth in the Republican party? 
    I don’t know much about Schwiekert, other than his signs look good as bumper stickers, but let’s say he was this terrible non-doctrinaire RINO back in 1992 or whatever.
    Is it impossible to believe in some sort of conversion while on the way to Republican Damascus?  Or if anyone has ever had a “liberal” viewpoint like “Hey, maybe unions aren’t totally awful”, or “Maybe it shouldn’t be 80 degrees in Chicago in January”, does it immediately disqualify them?

    I mean, I’m pleased with this inquisition, of course.  Harry Mitchell’s going to whomp on the lot of them, and every “RINO” you diminish pushes them closer to the Democratic party, where we will happily add them to our caucus.  The more Jack Harpers and Ron Goulds you try to make the face of the party, it’s better for us.

    So keep up that circular firing squad ya’ll.

  16. SeekTruth says

    Klute- you want more Jack Harpers and Ron Goulds? hahaha.

  17. Party Loyalist says

    To accept the AFL-CIO endorsement is very concerning. In 1994 we led a revolution and took over Congress by fighting the unions not by being their whipping boy. David is toast, and now we know the Club for Growth is a joke.

  18. OK, it’s no news that I am supporting Laura. But really, an endorsement from the early 90’s…. Did he ever VOTE in a manner that was not in keeping with what would be expected?

    Can we please, please get over the doomed for life fate? Klute is right; if we are to be the party of no growth, no change, and no acceptance beyond a narrow scope…we will be a party no more.

  19. I agree with Ann on this one. How long does one have to be a convert before they are accepted? I know several elected officials who converted to the pro-life position and voted to back it up! Good grief! How long does it have to take to be bona fide convert. For some of you it sounds like Reagan wasn’t good enough and never would have been good enough!

  20. Well, SeekTruth, I want more Jack Harpers and Ron Goulds for the GOP, it’s better for us Dems. The Crazy Cons will have their little fiefdoms here and there, but the Democratic party will take the lion’s share.

    So, yes. More please.

  21. I feel like Harry Mitchell just punched me in the gut and sent me a bill for my next two years of taxes. I’m throughly dissapointed by the Club for Growth to be upstaged by a blogger. Granted TrueGOP is slinging some baseless mud but by the responses here it seems something stuck. I agree with the previous two posters about party unity but this is just about sheer electibility at this point. Should Schweikert move on one of the most sound arguments against Mitchell, his support of Big Labor, is wiped right off the table.

  22. Just Win Baby says

    You know, you can’t control who endorses you. If the AFL-CIO endorsed him because he was a safe incumbent and they wanted to suck up to him, he might not have even known about it. It sounds like LK or SBS has been doing some opposition research. Fair enough, most folks do it. But its good news for David if the best they can find is minor stuff from fifteen years ago.

  23. Mrs. Lady says

    TrueGOP, are you a member of the TAR’s? I am so tired of reading comments on blogs that throw me back into highschool… who cares what Schweikert’s hair looks like?! All I can gather is that you must have some really bad hair! Based on that, I’m reasonable certain who you are, wasn’t your recent makeover enough?! Endorsements from 15 years ago are 15 years old, duh! My husband was a Democrat 15 years ago….He is the true GOP now! (plus he’s nice and doesn’t sling unfounded mud)! Can Schweikert represent us NOW?! You bet! We all become more polished and refined as we grow older and know better… maybe all of us except TrueGOP. Heck, I’m even agreeing with the Klute today! Well said Klute!

  24. Is there any explaination from the Schweikert people on this yet? Has anyone found the articles?

  25. If TrueGOP had any proof I am sure that he/she would have posted it by now. TrueGOP is a nut-job. After reading all of the posts I think it is safe to say that we should discount any additional post made by TrueGOP.

  26. Josh- true was right about everthing so far except the BK. Maybe David can answer that question for us. David, did you file a BK??

    I know this is a Dave Shwekert site, so Dave will get the question. Now answer it!!

  27. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    I heard Schweikert once drove his car when the gas needle was below “E.”

  28. I have it on good information that he also once tore the tag off the bottom of his mattress that clearly says “DO NOT REMOVE UNDER PENALTY OF LAW”. Boy, are the Mattress Police going to be mad!

  29. I heard a rumor that Mr. Schweikert only washes his hair once with shampoo when the bottle he uses clearly states that the minimum number of washes should be two. Unbelievable!!!

  30. blog mon says

    Laura Knaperek is the only candidate that has demonstrated a true conservative position on all issues through out her public life. That includes 10 years as a State Representave and her time on the Kyrene School Board. She has never changed her stance on taxation, abortion and parental rights. She is solid on illegal immigration, budget writing and energy issues.

  31. Kevin Knight says

    I was a fundraiser for Sydney Hay 6 years ago when she was running for congress in northern Arizona. As everyone know’s Sydney is a rock for basic republican issues. I went to Susan Bitter Smith to ask for money on Sydney’s behalf. (Susan represented an organization that had a PAC) Susan was nothing short of hostile and rude. She said that Sydney was not a good republican and that she was an extremist. (She mentioned abortion. Not really sure what the Arizona Cable Association has to do with abortion) She then said she would support a democrat before she would support Sydney. Now I don’t really know if David Schweikert a good candidate or not, but I do know that Susan Bitter Smith is a totally political person in every thing that she does.

    She says that she is a Ronald Reagan republican. Well Mr. Reagan would have never said what Susan Bitter Smith had said about Sydney Hay.

  32. Thanks for the post Kevin…

    Susan Bitter-Smith is not a good person. We all know this. to anyone who is still undecided: DO NOT VOTE FOR SUSAN BITTER-SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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