New Antenori TV Ad: Antenori Fighting for Citizen and Taxpayers not special interests

LD10 Senate candidate Senator Frank Antenori is proudly running on his 2 term voting record while his opponent David Bradley is avoiding his 4 term voting record.

David Bradley left the legislature after serving eight years. He left the state in financial shambles. A $3 billion budget deficit, double digit unemployment, thanks to the loss of 320,000 Arizona jobs, state spending at an all time high, and incoming revenue at an all time low. Before leaving office he emptied the state’s rainy day fund and used it for more spending not for the emergencies for which it was established.

Now he wants his job back?

Frank’s votes resulted in a balanced budget and an $800 million budget surplus.  Unemployment has dropped almost 3% thanks to the addition of 80,000 new jobs. Arizona is now 4th in the country in job growth #1 in new business start ups

Despite the pundits and naysayers that said it couldn’t be done the Republican leadership is being credited with bolstering the state’s economy even though hindered by Washington Democrats.

Frank Antenori has represented the folks as part of a strong, positive, results driven legislature that believes in the people of this state, not big government. David Bradley and his accomplices drove this state’s economy into the financial ditch.

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