Nevada Republican Convention suspended

Update: See detailed minute by minute coverage of the convention at Reno Gazette-Journal.

The amazing news to the north of us is that the Nevada State Republican Convention was suspended. The party chairwoman stated that their time for the room had expired. One of our sources indicated the delay was because those in control were counting and re-counting the votes. We have to admit when things do not go as scripted that ballot counting can be a painstaking process.

This despite reports that pre-screening calls were taking place before the event.

Acknowledgement goes to Seeing Red AZ for picking up the story before us.


  1. I’m of two minds here. I hate the games being played but I’d feel a lot worse for the Ron Paul folks if I thought they would fight the Democrats in November anywhere near as hard as they have fought their fellow Republicans for the whole year prior to that.

  2. John,

    They’ll fight just as hard because they’re all the same.
    The old guard republican base is more similar to the Democratic party than Ron Paul supporters are.

  3. Fooled Thrice says

    Most AZ District Delegate Election meetings were a McJoke. McCain’s camp cheated and manipulated at every opportunity. From parsing out Delegate Candidate ballots in advance to hand picked PC’s while stonewalling other inquiring PC’s, to endorsing McCain friendly PC’s right from the podium, some Delegate Election meetings were hijacked into sloppy smoke filled room dirty politics for the sake of building up the results tabulated in favor of McAmnesty.

    Only John McCain could cause me to vote for Ron Paul.

  4. What does that say of the LD chairs? Are they incompetent or complicit?

    Furthermore, your assertions require an ignorant and ill-prepared electorate; in this case it is the PC’s as they were the voters in each LD. Your poor opinion of PC’s to establish their own thought and vote for representative delegates illustrates the bourgeoisie status the self-appointed upper class party leaders have associated with all who do not follow their dictatorial lead.

    Or could it simply be a classic case of sour grapes?

    “Majority rules” really hurts when, despite the hardest and ugliest efforts to the contrary, your targeted opponent wins….and wins….and wins.

  5. let them eat cake.

  6. Thematic expression!

  7. Robert Holloway says

    I am sure that many of you have heard what happened in the Nevada State Republican convention a couple of weeks ago. In a nutshell, the state party leaders shut down the convention rather than see the Ron Paul faction take most of the slots for delegates to the national convention. I am a delegate to the state convention and I am raising money to insert an advertisement in the Las Vegas papers urging the state party leaders to do the fair thing and allow the convention to continue. If that happens, the Ron Paul faction has a good chance of getting most of the delegates. You can help by making a small financial contribution to the newspaper advertisement. There has been very little accurate reporting in Nevada about what really happened at the convention. We may be able to successfully restart the convention by showing to the state, the unfairness of what happened. For more information and to donate to this effort, see the following link. You may donate by the “Chip In” method using either a credit card or Paypal. If you cannot donate, you still can help by spreading the link below to various locations on the Internet. We need your help! Here is the link:

  8. Sean Fericks says

    If you doubt that the Nevada GOP leadership acted in bad faith, watch the convention on youtube. It is there for all to see. Prepare for massive GOP losses in Nevada.

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