Neely Stands Against Off-Reservation Expansion of Tribal Gaming

CONTACT: Paul Bentz

Lobbyist Gullett advocates for expanded gaming and Stanton fails to act. 

Phoenix – The Tohono O’odham Nation is pushing to build a casino in the unincorporated land bordering the Cities of Glendale and Peoria. Although their move is opposed by Senator McCain, Senator Kyl, Governor Brewer, Mayor Scruggs, and other local and civic leaders, the Federal Government continues to remove the roadblocks and support tribal rights over city rights. Peggy Neely has joined those who have taken a stand against the off-reservation expansion of tribal gaming.

“Phoenix deserves a leader who they can count on to stand with its regional partners against these types of expansions which threaten municipal autonomy,” said Peggy Neely, “The residents should know that their leader will act decisively and in their interest.”

Lobbyist Wes Gullett is an advocate for expanded gaming. He was hired in 2005 by the Guidiville Band of Pomo Indians to lobby for a deal similar to the one in Glendale to allow the Guidiville tribe to build a casino outside their tribal lands. According to the New York Times, Mr. Gullett’s job was to ensure that a proposed “overhaul of the Indian gambling laws did not harm the tribe.” (September 27, 2008)

During their time in the Attorney General’s office, neither Terry Goddard nor Greg Stanton took a position on the Glendale casino issue. Furthermore, they failed to join Governor Brewer and lawmakers in Glendale’s lawsuit against the Tohono O’odham Nation.

“With similar efforts are underway in the states of California and New York, it is only a matter of time before this gaming expansion trend extends to the City of Phoenix,” concluded Neely, “Mr. Gullett has already proven that his self-interest trumps public interest and Mr. Stanton has once again failed to take a stand. Voters are looking for a leader who will stand up for them and do the right thing. I have a track record of making the hard choices and standing by my word.”



  1. Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association
    And SCIA for Phoenix (PAC)
    Endorsement of Wes Gullet for Mayor of The City of Phoenix

    Dear Wes,

    On behalf of the Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association and SCIA For Phoenix, the political action committee of SCIA, it is my pleasure to notify you of our decision to endorse your candidacy as Mayor of Phoenix.

    Before SCIA knew you, you took a position against The Road To Nowhere. Your position was public and strong. It quickly got the attention of the entire City of Phoenix. Furthermore, you were relentless in insisting that the City of Phoenix stop The Road To Nowhere and the squandering of $40 million dollars of taxpayer money. You never stopped your attack against the wasteful spending of Prop 400 funds. In fact, information you uncovered and provided in your letter to the Phoenix City Council was used to alert the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office that they needed to investigate this misuse of funds. Soon after, the Maricopa County Attorney’s office asked the FBI’s Public Corruption/Civil Rights division to look into the matter.

    Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association is a community association in North Phoenix and your support of our issue won the complete support of the residents. As you know, The Road To Nowhere was stopped. With your early intervention into our community’s issue we now have the certainty we needed. We are grateful for your help.

    Wes, if you handle the affairs of the City of Phoenix with the same tenacity and forward thinking as you handled The Road To Nowhere, Phoenix will certainly have excellent stewardship.

    Although you have been involved with politicians and politics for many years you were never a City Council member. You were never elected to office. You bring to Phoenix new ideas and no allegiances to any groups. In addition, after meeting with you and listening to your ideas for the future of Phoenix, we believe that you are the only candidate that can take the City of Phoenix into the 21st Century with promising ideas and honesty. Moreover, your Seven Point jobs plan will help restore the 250,00 jobs lost in Phoenix since 2007. Your jobs plan is not just getting more jobs, but quality jobs. We believe that you can accomplish these goals because we believe you have the intelligence, tenacity and skills needed to bring people, business and government together for success.

    Wes, it is with great promise and satisfaction that we, Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association, endorse you for the next Mayor of Phoenix this day August 2, 2011.

    Clif Freedman, President
    Bryan Cazier, Vice President
    Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association

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