Neely Makes Desperate Attack on Wes Gullett

CONTACT: Tony Bradley

Phoenix, AZ – Peggy Neely, whose campaign for Mayor is stalling amidst allegations of bloated office spending, criticism for championing the plan to build a $40 million “road to nowhere,” voting to double the city’s water rate during the 10 years she was on the City Council, giving away millions of dollars in failed subsidies for CityNorth, and for leading the effort to build a day labor center in her district with taxpayer money, which contributed to Phoenix being labeled as a sanctuary city, has now attacked Wes Gullett for “Union” ties.

“Through a surrogate (who was supported by public employee unions), Mrs. Neely is trying to negatively link me to labor unions. This is a ridiculous charge and only illustrates the desperation of her campaign,” Gullett said. “My company did work for the Service Employee International Union in 2005 in a specific case of trying to provide employees in Pima County, who were already unionized, the ability to choose competitively who would represent them. That holds true with my consistent position of being an advocate for competition, whether in the business market place or in a union hall. Since that time, Mrs. Neely has taken thousands of dollars of union contributions that she is now using in her current campaign for Mayor. It is utter hypocrisy for Peggy Neely to pretend she has a history of being anti-union or even promoting competition in the free marketplace. Her history has been about picking winners and losers and we can’t afford to have those policies in the Mayor’s office,” stated Gullett.

“To accuse me of being sympathetic to Union bosses is a joke. As Mayor, I will be a firm and forceful negotiator with the City’s public employee unions. I will promote policies that are in the best interest of the taxpayer, focus on creating jobs by implementing my Seven Point Jobs Plan, reform government by cutting the cost through finding efficiencies and labor cost savings. I have consistently called for the elimination of the food tax, fought against the water rate increase and proposed lowering permitting costs for new, expanding small businesses and opposed providing merit and longevity pay increases to 90% of city employees,” said Gullett.

“For Mrs. Neely to now attack unions, after she lined her campaign coffers with their contributions, shows that she will go to any length to win this election. It is the epitome of hypocrisy and desperation for a candidate who has actively pursued public employee union support for more than a decade to now say that any connection to unions is somehow negative. Mrs. Neely should wipe off the mud she has splashed on herself and talk about the issues. The reason for her attempted smear of my campaign comes directly from the fact that Phoenix’s largest business organization, the Phoenix Realtor’s Association, has endorsed my campaign which is embarrassing to Mrs. Neely, who is a realtor,” concluded Gullett.

Gullett’s company, FirstStrategic, has worked for hundreds of clients during the past nine years. Mr. Gullett’s principal job at the firm has been as a strategic planner. He has advocated for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), Northern Arizona University and the Salt River Project.




  1. Wes has master-minded First Strategic schemes to ” secured in 2008 a total of $4,468,000 in federal funding for various clients” – straight off the FS webpage.
    Do you morons really think he will not have a bias towards those same clients that have paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past few years? Phil Gordon got his hands slapped for steering contracts to his lady friend and it is no secret that he also has benefitted Billy Shields, the Fire Unioin Ex Pres that gets $10k to meet with clients. Wes’s wife learned the business working for Gordon and built ties to Shields to set the stage for Wes. They served on the planning commission together for a long time.
    Wes will do the same sleight of hand for his business interests while he is mayor. You fake republicans will help him do it too, cause you’re too stupid to see that one hand is in the cookie jar and the other is on the mayors gavel.
    You entrenched Republican activists have also seemed to have forgotton the hard ball politics that Wes played for McCain. There was never, ever a fair fight campaigning against those guys because they always stacked the deck in thier favore behind the scenes with money and political muscle and most people didnt see it unless they were the ones that got directly run over.

  2. Just so you all know. Council and Mayor in the past have been restricted to various levels of scrutiny by the City Attorney for conflicts of interest. Some were told that if they have a realtors license, they could not vote on any (yes any) issues that could benefit them, even in the future. Some were required to disclose relationships that were pretty distant from a specific City Council vote, or had to sit out a vote because of some obscure connection thru a relatives employment or other fdistant connections. Some of those claims of conflict had such byzantine reasoning that no one really understood what conflict actually existed. If Gullett is mayor and he keeps his ownership in First Strategic, then there is no way he will not be constantly conflicted out of issues if he is honest. First Strategics clout will grow and they will have the Mayors influence on their business prospects and grow the value of Wes’s ownership share.

  3. Oberserve says

    It’s not hard to find fault with Gullet. It’s hardly “desperate”. That said Neely is no prize either.

    • Neely and Mattox have been around the city for a long time. They have been leaders and contributors to many changes in the City. One of the outcomes of this leadership is that the City has recently enacted significant raises for its employees. It has one of the most expensive aviation divisions per capita in the nation with 4 types of rotary aircraft with spares and training. Despite this, they are short money and raised the sales tax. What rational person is not for higher taxes and more public spending? Why wouldn’t we elect a mayor from the participants that were part of such outstanding results?

  4. Wes was part of the Republicans for Janet. He’s no prize either.

  5. Kudo Allsure says

    Isn’t Peggy the one who pushed for the illegal work sites so one could pick up an illegal to do work around your house or business?

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