National Right to Life Endorses Fred Thompson

I’m not quite sure I understand why the National Right to Life PAC has endorsed Fred Thompson for President but I’m going to guess why they did NOT endorse several other Republicans.

Rudy Giuliani: It’s easy to see why NRL-PAC won’t be endorsing Rudy Giuliani. He’s adamantly pro-abortion to the core. Even though he says he’s appoint Justices like Roberts and Alito, Giuliani has a credibility problem with NRLC and its PAC. If Giuliani wins the nomination, NRLPAC will stay silent and not direct its supporters to vote on anyone but congressional and senatorial candidates who are pro-life.

Mitt Romney: Mitt’s record with NRLC’s affiliate, Massachusetts Citizens for Life, has been anything but cordial in the past. Over the years, I’ve heard from some of the movers and shakers with MCFL who don’t believe they can trust him. Although Mitt asserts that he’s finally able to break out of the political reality of one of the most liberal states in the country, he’s still finding it difficult to convince some of the higher-ups in the pro-life movement. And then there’s the Mormon issue which NRLC has probably tossed into the outcome formula regarding his general election viability. However, I wouldn’t rule a NRL-PAC endorsement out of the question should Thompson drop out.

John McCain: It’s no secret that there’s been a long-standing feud between Jon McCain, NRLC and its state affiliate Arizona Right to Life. (In fact, in my former capacity as Executive Director, I tried to patch this relationship up to no avail.) McCain’s biggest problem with NRLC was his obstinance on campaign finance reform which fundamentally shuts down grass-roots organizations from revealing important votes details on candidates before elections. Then there was McCain’s support of destructive embryonic stem cell experimentation. Don’t look for NRL-PAC or any of its leaders to hand an endorsement to Arizona’s cantankerous senior senator any time soon.

Ron Paul: Although Paul’s voting record has been stellar on sanctity of life issues, NRL-PAC is looking at the reality of a Paul nomination and seeing that it ain’t gonna happen any time soon.

Mike Huckabee: This one I cannot figure out. As Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee supported all pro-life efforts. His background as a Baptist pastor sits well with many evangelical and pro-life voters. But NRL-PAC probably views Huckabee’s position in the 2nd tier as unable to advance to the next level. NRL-PAC’s endorsement would have made that transition possible. I wouldn’t rule out another endorsement if Huckabee is able to place well in some critical primaries.

One other key fact that needs to come out is why NRL-PAC was able to give Thompson a pass on his prior lobbying efforts for Planned Parenthood. Do they feel it was just business as usual and Thompson’s voting record in the Senate was enough to make up any differences?

As the campaigns march on, I believe NRL-PAC’s endorsement will have little or no effect – unlike in time’s past with other presidential candidates. I’d even expect additional endorsements to be made for the other candidates. One thing is for certain, we are still a long ways away the conventions and the general election.



  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    Their endorsement makes no sense, as does your statement about Ron Paul and Huckabee. Ron Paul has as much chance (or more) of winning as Thompson. In fact Paul is ahead of both Huckabee and Thompson in New Hampshire (with less money and much less press coverage.) Huckabee would have made more sense than Thompson for the endorsement and is ahead of Thompson in some polls, especially in Iowa. This endorsement seems more like an inside deal rather than a principled decision. If had been on principal it would have gone to Huckabee for his record and passionate stand for life or to Paul for his record, his book (Challenge to Liberty,) and having delivered 4,000 babies.

  2. I have always had a hard time figuring out how a tax-exempt group can endorse candidates. I thought the argument was that here’s our stand on the issues, here’s public officials that support that stand to varying degrees, and that’s that, and the IRS is ok with it. But adding significant electoral analysis and calculations before making that decision, I dunno, it seems a lot less pure.

  3. NRLC and NRL-PAC are two different entities. The later is a Political Action Committee which is legally permissable.

  4. I agree with OVD. Why would the endorsement of Huckabee take him to the next level, but not take Ron Paul there?

  5. Paul’s opposition to the war effort is in direct conflict with the Republican Party byline.

  6. Oro Valley Dad says


    Certainly Paul’s position on the war is out of the Republican mainstream but it does have some support from within the party. I believe that we are near a point of success in the war thanks to the amazing efforts and performance of U.S. troops. If you can, and I know it is impossible, take that one issue off of the table then Paul really is the only candidate talking about anything interesting. The rest of the Republican candidates, bless them all, are little more than warmed over mush. None of them are talking about bold, significant change. If that’s what the people want fine.

    Also note that each other candidate has some view that is at odds with the party byline.

    For the record I will happily support the nominee. After hearing another of what Rush calls the ex-wife rant speech (he should know) by Hillary I think a stray dog could beat her. That voice will drive voters away, even women.

  7. Come on guys, this aint’ rocket science. This was a calculated endorsement geared towards stopping Giuliani. Consider, they wouldnt’ endorse McCain, because they hate him. The won’t endorse Romney, because he was at one point actually pro-abort in the recent past. Huckabee and Paul, have no real chance here, at least to do what NRLC wants, which is to stop Rudy. When you eliminate everyone else, Thompson is the last man standing. An imperfect choice? Maybe. But considering the alternatives, it was the only real choice they had.

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