National Review Editorial on Immigration Bill

The National Review has a terrific editorial on the Immigration Bill titled “It’s Worse Than You Think.”

“The immigration bill, according to its critics, hands out amnesty to illegal immigrants as soon as some ineffectual steps toward enforcement are taken. Don’t believe it. The bill provides amnesty as soon as it is enacted.”

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  1. It is so horrible. As Sen. Dorgan showed on C-Span today, the “temporary worker” authorization was negotiated for 400,000 PER YEAR for at least ten years which cumulates to FOUR MILLION temporary workers!!! Why didn’t the consrevative “negotiator” for President Bush give us the total number?

    Also, why doesn’t he tell us that ALL illegals are given legal status IMMEDIATELY upon being signed into law with a Probationary designation?

    Also, in regards to the Z-visa, while it is distributed intially for five years, it is automatically renewable indefinitely!

    How long do you think it will take a department that has the all the necessary funds and authority to construct 800 miles of fencing and has only completed 12 miles in a year to build the rest of the system. The completion of the fence is a trigger, but by the time they activate the trigger, we will have another 30 million new illegals.

    Finally, do you really believe that a department that cannot professionally hire four thousand personnel in six years will be able to hire the personnel necessary to conduct 20 MILLION background checks including fingerprint verification accurately within 18 months?

    The security border security provisions have more holes than swiss cheese. Thank you, McCain, Kennedy, Feinstein, Spector, etal for selling us all out!

    Folks, next week is the critical week, KEEP CALLING, FAXING AND E-MAILING the Senators’ offices. This will be the determining factor in killing this horrible bill.

    As Cong. Franks is fond of saying, It is not the water on the outside, but rather the water on the inside that sinks the boat. This bill opens gaping holes in the hull of the USS United States and we must seal the holes with our efforts or the ship will sink.

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