Nation votes for AZ to shut down L.A. power!

To quote the famous bard Mick Jagger …

Paint it Black!




Actually, its pretty obscene isn't it.

And you can help Gary Pierce by voting at

As of 10Pm *ARIZONA* time the verdict was “shut’r down AZ” by 98% … be sure to let the country know, we’re Arizona ain’t no Long-legged MacDaddy poser in the White House gonna tell us what to do! As for the Mayor of Baja del Norte, Aztlan he can kiss our cactus buds!

… and then there’s the water they consume behind those damns on the Colorado.  Boycott Arizona?  Bring it on L.A. bring it on!  Gary we love ya!  Bet Jan wishes she’d thought of this!

Mayor Walkup, pack your bags – there’s a village on steroids north-east of Long Beach looking for its idiot.  You’ll be right at home there.

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