Nathan Notes Debuts

Nathan Notes

A few years back when Sonoran Alliance was just getting started, Nathan Sproul was taking some hits on the blog. At that time, he did try to reply and as a favor I even offered to set him up with his own pseudonym so he could voice his opinions. That was in mid-2006 if I recall.

Well he never took me up on the offer and needless to say, times and people have changed since then.

In my daily review of other blogs, I was quite surprised to see that he now has his own blog. It’s called Nathan Notes and its exclusively his own opinion.

He really should thank me for driving traffic over to him by informing our readers about his blog but that’s OK.

So I finally welcome him to the world of blogging and I wish him the best. Maybe his blog will even become as successful as Sonoran Alliance.


  1. Glad to see you two have kissed and made up…oops!

  2. Richard Wayne says

    My memory – and I’m sure Russell’s – is longer than yours. I never welcome the neighborhood thug into the house with my family.

  3. I’m just being civil.

  4. I’ll never visit it, ever. All manner of human trash likely have blogs, but just because they call themselves Republicans doesn’t make them worthy of promotion here.

  5. Blogs are the future says

    Hats off to DSW for being appropriately welcoming to the newest person to join the political discourse on the blogosphere.

    I will add that site to my growing list of favorites which includes Sonoran Alliance. I think it is important to hear what others have to say.

    I admire this about about Nathan -(DSW alludes to it) he said he offered to give Nathan a pseudonym over a year ago to use for posting on Sonoran alliance. Nathan only posted or commented using his real name.

    “Richard” and “Glendale GOP”
    I read the other blogs including the Dem blogs because it helps me better serve my party if I am willing to listen to people I may not agree with..or like for that matter.

    So, even though I wish you and your ilk would go pound sand, I will still read your comments.

  6. Richard Wayne says

    Thank you, Jeff. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t reciprocate. Since you were the very first to advertise the existence of this junk, it seems like you were on the “short list” of NS in order to promote his stuff. That must make you proud.

    By the way, pounded sand makes a good foundation, so I think I will pound some.

    DSW: Being civil does not require enabling the kind of stuff he puts in the public debate by advertising it.

  7. I’m not a fan of Nathan Sproul by any means, and I haven’t been a reader of SA for very long. But if NS does post comments under his own name instead of a pseudonym, then he is one step ahead of Constantin, who uses one to “Pat” himself on the back. I love how his post a few weeks back referred to himself as HUMBLE.

  8. Richard Wayne says

    NS does both just to confuse the confusable, confused

  9. Who cares if he has a blog and who cares if Shane lets people know. Richard Wayne why so worked up. If you don’t like what he has to say – don’t read it.

  10. Or better yet Richard Wayne, go to your own blog and complain about it.

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