Napolitano’s law firm assigned to Veteran Home full of conflicts

It’s been really amusing watching Napolitano blame the Veteran Home conditions on disabled Veteran Patrick Chorpenning, accusing him of nepotism, when not only did she approve at least one of the nepotism positions (his wife) but the Governor has numerous conflicts herself created by hiring the law firm of Coppersmith, Gordon, Schermer, Owens & Nelson to represent the Home and we’re also told to do the investigation of the Home. Here’s a list of some of the conflicts associated with attorneys in that firm (almost all the partners) provided by Horizon Friday night (and these are only the ones we know about):

1) Sam Coppersmith – former Democratic Congressman, former head of the Democrat Party in Arizona

2) Andy Gordon – was Napolitano’s campaign attorney

3) Julie Nelson – her husband is Napolitano’s chief counsel

4) Karen Owens – her husband Steve Owens was appointed by the Governor as Director of the Dept. of Environmental Equality

It was reported that this firm is now disputing some of the Dept. of Health Services findings about conditions in the home. Well duh! Firmly in Napolitano’s pocket, of course they are going to try and cover up the conditions. It’s outrageous they haven’t been removed from this representation yet.

And Napolitano’s spokesperson, Jeanine L’Ecuyer is now saying that she “forgot” to tell Napolitano about the appalling conditions in the Veteran Home when she heard about them originally in February. She probably also “forgot” to tell Napolitano about the complaint from the veteran’s family that he had died because of neglected bedsores. Of course, the longer this drags out, the more likely it will be revealed that Napolitano knew all along and has been denying knowledge in order to save herself (while she fires or forces out employee after employee).


  1. Villanova says

    This law firm appointed by Gov. Napolitano is so deeply entrenched in the inner workings of her administration that it should do more than simply raise eyebrows. The very fact that she would think that this incestuous appointment is acceptable speaks clearly to the issue of her outrageous disregard of the citizens of this state and her personal arrogance.

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