Napolitano issues another self-promoting guide while state is in the hole

Although the state has severe budget problems, only “fixed” this spring by more borrowing and gimmicks, Governor Napolitano is continuing to issue advertising promoting herself. Apparently not certain she’s going to land a position in an Obama administration, she’s aggressively using taxpayer money to promote herself for a future run for McCain’s Senate seat in 2010.

Her latest piece of self-advertising is an “Arizona Guide to Help Uninsured Residents” (real meaning: Arizona Guide for Illegal Immigrants to Find Free Taxpayer Funded Healthcare”), prominently featuring a large picture of herself in the front along with a full-page meaningless message. Available in Spanish.

What is she doing publishing these things when state employees are reporting that as they’re quitting, they’re not being replaced, making state employment miserable for everyone else still working there? In order to come up with a budget agreement this year, the state took out $500-$600 million in new borrowing for school construction, and put off K-12 funding to a future year. State agencies took $400 million in cuts. Guess this didn’t include the governor’s office, which is dedicating its employees to producing these glossy booklets promoting the governor.

This booklet wasn’t necessary; the information can be found at DES. What does the governor have to do with finding insurance anyways? Taxpayers should demand to know how much money was spent on it, how many were printed, and where it was distributed. We’re offended that we’re funding this governor’s race for Senate. She’d be the last candidate we’d vote for.


  1. All true but the solution to the State’s deficit does not reside in agency and government cuts as we are already doing the bare minimum. Our deficit was caused by tax cuts that were progressively administered in 2005-07 and benefited only the richest corporations in the state. It’s time for our state to reform tax policy starting with reducing tax liability for low income and middle class Arizonans and requiring corporate Arizona to pay its fair share.

  2. Guess she’s taking self promotion lessons from Sheriff Joe and Andy Thomas.

  3. Sorry, but the Senate seat is NOT McCain’s, it one of the two from Arizona which McCain currently (regretably) occupies.

    I found it interesting that McCain didn’t proclaim that the Russians invading Georgia were “god’s children,” and try to inflict “comprehensive immigration reform” (amnesty) on the Georgians.

    I guess McCain doesn’t hate the people of Georgia as much as he does the people of Arizona.

    Maybe he believes that while Arizonans won’t pick lettuce for $50 an hour, Georgians will.

  4. Antifederalist says

    Hey, China, don’t be a dodo. It’s a WELL-substantiated fact that corporations generate all their revenue from their customers. That means if you anti-corporatist tools tax corps, they’re just going to raise their prices on their customers to pass along the tax hit. Guess who that affects? That’s right, you and me. So, you leftists that want to tax corporations into oblivion will not only be shooting yourselves in the foot, but you’ll be putting yourselves out of jobs. Guess who pays most of us. That’s right, corporations. If you’re anti-corporation, you’re anti-job. Get a clue.

    As for the state agencies already being cut to the quick…I’ll believe it when I see closed signs on maybe BLM, or Admin, or even one of the SEVERAL agencies that handle child welfare that have overlapping and redundant powers, or, hey, even the Gov’s office! I bet if I dived into the state budget and appropriations bills, I’d find PLENTY of unnecessary programs to cut. I did so with the federal government’s approps bills in `06.

  5. I have not seen this booklet, but unless it contains a photo of the Maricopa County Hospital, and urges all illegals and other uninsured persons go there for their free healthcare, it is not an official “position paper”.

    I also doubt that any mention of the $600 million the current hospital board wants so they can build a new hospital will be mentioned therein, either…….

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