Napolitano Appoints Olson to Pinal County Superior Court

Pinal County Attorney, Robert Olson 

(Thanks to “Diogi” for this heads up.)

On Friday, Governor Janet Napolitano appointed Pinal County Attorney Robert Carter Olson to the new Pinal County Superior Court 9th Seat.

The vacancy at the county level means that the Pinal County Supervisors will now need to appoint a replacement. This is likely to be another Democrat hand picked by the Pinal Supes giving an edge to whoever fills the spot as an incumbent heading into the 2008 county elections.

With Pinal County’s population continuing to grow, look for voter registration to change within the next two years allowing Republicans to mount formidable challenges.

The Casa Grande Dispatch has a story on the appointment.

(This story was updated to clarify the division/circuit thing.)


  1. Pinal County’s Board of Supervisors always finds a way for their friends to get into office a year or so out of an election if there’s a resignation so they can have the edge. Pinal would have been voted for the Republican county candidates in the past election if the national mood had not been so anti-Republican probably. It’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out.

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