Napi gets testy

Governor Napolitano is usually pretty measured in her choice of works. On Wednesday she almost lost it over State Treasurer Dean Martin’s prediction that the state could run out of funds as soon as April.

Maybe they could tap the $700 million dollar rainy day fund. At a spending rate of $29 million a day the fund would give the governor and legislature an extra 24 days to find a solution.

Napolitano compared Martin to “Chicken Little” and called him a “sideplayer.” Nice move. Go after a former state senator who has strong support among Arizona Republicans.

If Napolitano bristles at the statement from Martin she is going to be really upset with the Joint Legislative Committee and their report that the deficit over the next two years is $3.1 billion. Yes, that is billion with a B.


  1. I remember this remark when she slammed the State Treasurer. He did his job and reported his findings. She seems to have taken it personally and made it even more personal by the name-calling. Very mature. Very professional. In the end; he was right, she was wrong. She should have been a man about it and apologized publicly. No she bailed and went to Washington to head Homeland Security. A joke when you consider that during her tenure, she flapped her wings and clucked about border security, but in the end she was the chicken. Now she’s going to protect and entire country? Yeah, right.

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