Nancy Pelosi coming to Phoenix for Ann Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick’s Biggest Supporter in Town to Prop Up her Failing Campaign

Ann Kirkpatrick is bringing Nancy Pelosi to Phoenix tomorrow to boost her struggling campaign, according to a call received from Kirkpatrick’s campaign.  Listen to the voicemail here:

“It’s not surprising that Kirkpatrick would bring her biggest ally, Nancy Pelosi, to Phoenix with polls showing her losing. But Arizonans have already rejected the Kirkpatrick-Pelosi agenda, and they will again in November,” said Barrett Marson, spokesman for Jonathan Paton.

In her one term in Congress, Kirkpatrick voted with Pelosi 86 percent of the time, including on ObamaCare and the failed stimulus. She also voted for her for Speaker of the House.

In this year’s campaign, Pelosi’s PAC has already spent over $250,000 attacking Jonathan Paton and Pelosi has donated a total of $14,000 to Kirkpatrick this cycle.



  1. Conservative American says

    Anyone who would think that Nancy Pelosi would help their campaign isn’t in touch with reality, LOL! 😉

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