Name the RINO

Congratulations to the staff, volunteers, and chairman of the state party for a job well done preparing the ballot for national delegates. The list contains about 266 names and required verification of spelling and party affiliation. The party, correctly, did not screen the list for other attributes.

We, on the other had, did find a few names that stood out. We do not believe that it would be appropriate to go over the list name by name but there are a few exceptions. We have decided to start a new feature called Name the RINO. We will highlight people on the ballot who have donated to and/or endorsed Democrats with the last 24 months yet want to be a delegate to the Republican convention. Here we go with contestant number one. Name this person.

I gave $250 to Giffords for Congress in November of 2006 and publicly endorsed Janet Napolitano when she ran for re-election. I am on the ballot as a delegate to the Republican National Convention. Who am I?


  1. Conservative to the Core says

    Maria Baier, Current City of Phoenix council member 3rd District

  2. Antifederalist says

    I would have guessed Kris Mayes since we all KNOW she’s not a R except by registration and she was the pink gorilla’s communications director when she ran against Matt Salmon for Governor. Not sure if Mayes is even on the list, but that would have been my knee-jerk guess.

  3. Joe Arpaio?

  4. Sonoran Alliance contributors excepting Mssr Wales?

  5. catsclaw says

    Jane Strain?

  6. az gnat says

    Thank you for playing. We will have to make our questions more difficult. Conservative to the Core won this round.

    Next question. If you are a delegate to the state convention will you be voting for Maria Baier to be a national delegate? (Please monitor your language.)

  7. So much for the idea that the fix was in on the ballot.

  8. Conservative to the Core says

    All the lobbist on the list would get my vote before I would ever vote for Maria Baier.

  9. Mark AZ says

    HAH! This is great stuff! Thank you for putting information we would all like to know in such an entertaining forum. Beats the hec out of reading Secretary Of State website! Great Job Sonoran Alliance. Who’s the creative genius behind this idea? You don’t have to tell, just keep up the great edutainment!

  10. Ann, Does the RINO laden list strengthen or weaken the case that was made for McCain influence?

    Personally, I’m more than satisfied with our Chairman’s position on the matter. I already dropped that discussion. But since you bring it up again….

  11. az gnat says


    Calm down. The list has nothing to do with McCain. It was just the people who asked to be on the ballot.

  12. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Thanks for the info. As a state delegate, I’ll pass that info on to others, and make sure she doesn’t get ANY of our votes.

  13. kralmajales says

    Wow…maybe she will singlehandedly pull abortion out of the party platform…or maybe she would actually vote for John McCain as your nominee?


  14. FreeAdvice says

    Baier worked for two-term R governor Symington and for Jane Hull. She has top-level R staff credentials. But she also endorsed the incumbent Napolitano later on. Baier was then endorsed in her recent run for PHX city council by folks like Shadegg. Does that meet the definition of a RINO?

    I’m just asking for some differentiation. Take Jeff Flake, for example, who is a great conservative but kooky on immigration. Does that make him a RINO?

    If you want to be a member of a single-issue party that’s fine, but if won’t be either the R or the D.

  15. az gnat says

    The Name the RINO contest is NOT based on ideology or issues. It is simply based on having endorsed and/or contributed to a Democrat in the past 24 months. There are lots of Republicans who would like to go to the national convention. Why send the disloyal ones?

    For the purposes of our contest endorsing a RINO is not the same as endorsing a Democrat.

  16. The article clearly spells out the circumstances that would lead to the rino lable here. No problem. And no problem with readers coming back with their 2 cents worth. I’m learning a tun of stuffe.

  17. Here’s one for you:

    I’m a District Chairman who is actively working for the democractic party by opposing the Republican Nominee for our Country’s highest office and my district website sells anti-republican memorabilia.

    Name this RINO?

  18. FreeAdvice says

    Hmmm, that would the “Name the DINO” contest (District chairman In Name Only) and the correct answer is Rob Haney! On paper, he’s the chairman. But in reality, he doesn’t even attempt to represent the district, now does he?

    Power is power. I’m just trying to define who is what and why.

  19. Rob Haney SPEAKS FOR ME!

  20. Mrs. Alfond says

    Thank You Rob Haney for putting principle above personality! We were conservative before we were Republican. The planks that attracted us to GOP are in grave danger because of the Presidential Campaign receiving a free pass on issues crucial to conservatives. No, you did not hear us and you did not learn. Asking the border state governors if their democrat newcomer friends are comfortable now and then granting amnesty is not what we said to do. I’m having “name that RINO” withdrawls, next installment–hurry!

  21. GOP Boomer Gal says

    If a person is openly not supporting Republicans then he should resign as chairman/committeeman/whatever post he holds in the party.

    Fine, stick to your principles, but do it as an independent.

  22. Oh yes…the great debate about what is worst; open and active support of a Democrat OR the open and active opposition to a Republican? Is there a difference between the everyday citizen registered with a party designation or a Republican Party office holder?

    Hmmmm….. I guess whenever you get into a definition based on one person’s idea of what foots the bill, this can happen. According to the rules of the game, a RINO is one who has openly endorsed or contributed to a Dem. There is something called “in-kind” donations, an exchange of goods or services to benefit a candidate, rather than an actual monetary contribution. I would suggest that the actions of some would very well qualify as an “in-kind” contribution to Dems in as much as action meant to defeat a candidate would be a positive force for their opposition.

  23. AlliCat says

    Oh cork it, Mrs. Alfond! There are plenty of us out here who are REPUBLICAN first. Guess that’s why I chose to put it on my voter reg card. Arrrrrr… Like a pirate. A big “R” Republican here. I’ll vote for whomever MY party nominates. Even a wildly left of center Republican is better than a Dem. Why? Because they are likelier to have an open heart and mind to be turned to the cause. One team. Hop on board.

  24. az gnat says


    Mr. Haney is not on the ballot as a national delegate. He was not even wearing his pin at the latest state executive committee meeting. It would appear that he is showing party loyalty.

  25. Mark AZ says

    Free Advice, District 11 has excellent leadership. Transparent, out front with information and look at the quality of the website. You may not agree with the content but you won’t find a site of better quality. The entire RINO only slate lost at LD-11! This District Chair represents his constituecy just fine. My District Chair was on the RINO only slate and they “won” 16% of the delegate slots. Even after concealing the ballot list from the conservatives until 3 PM the day before the election. LD-11 posted the delegate candidates as soon as they came in to Officers. Don’t try to tell me the LD-11 Chair isn’t doing a great job. He is, and he’s right on the issues to boot!

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