Name the RINO, round 3

We got some heat from our readers over round two. The contestant in this round really went all out to earn a slot in this contest.

We applaud the chairman, staff, and volunteers of the state party for their hard work preparing for the convention. Having said that, today’s contestant could justifiably have been removed from the ballot for his actions in 2006.

In the middle of a tough campaign for one of Arizona’s congressional seats I very publicly endorsed the Democrat. While endorsing the Democrat I harshly attacked and ridiculed the Republican candidate. I am on the ballot as a delegate to the Republican National Convention. I am a former statewide office holder. Who am I?


  1. No donation, just endorsement? Can’t use the FEC site then.

    OK…wild guess…Grant Wood?

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Is Grant Wood still referring to himself as a Republican?!?

  3. Yep, I’m on to something:

    “Today, more than a dozen prominent GOP Arizonans and business leaders endorsed Harry Mitchell. Among them was Grant Woods, attorney and long-time friend of Mitchell’s. “

  4. GOP Boomer Gal says

    It’s long past time for Woods to change his party registration. I wonder who he’s supporting for President.

  5. Well, if he wants to go to the convention, which required submitting your name to the party with a 4 page application, I would suppose he is a McCain backer. But, then who knows?

  6. Ann,

    Congratulations! You have won round 3. This time I hope we can agree that the way Woods went after an incumbent Republican qualifies for the title RINO.

  7. FreeAdvice says

    Ok, now that’s a RINO. But I sure hope someone like David Duke never runs here as an R because we’re going to have quite a few good R’s suddenly become RINO’s.

  8. A similar thing happened in CD 7 when Joe Sweeney won the GOP primary in 2004. That is a completely different situation and we understand when the party distances themselves from such a candidate.

  9. In keeping with what I have said before, once you leave the realm of private citizen and accept the benefits of whatever office you hold including party support that led to your victory… you get all that comes with it including scrutiny.

  10. I thought Woods actually left the GOP. I would assume that he reregistered at some point? Or was he only threatening to leave because the party no longer suited him? Or was he just trying to get into the paper and make himself seem relevant?

    No way this guy gets votes at the State Convention.

  11. Mark AZ says

    Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon’s Number 1 team player isn’t going to the National Convention? Grant will probably substitute this trip with a trip to the border fence–holding the gate open. Thanks for all your help Mr. Woods, firming up Phoenix’ sanctuary city status. The next dead border crosser we’ll chalk up to your personal encouragement.

  12. Frank Lee says

    April 6, 2008
    “U.S. Border Patrol agents on Monday rescued two illegal immigrant men who were extremely dehydrated on the Tohono O’odham Reservation with help from a signal fire and cell phone.

    Agents were unable to revive another man who stopped breathing and died near Arivaca. And in a third incident, they found the skeletal remains of a woman on the Tohono O’odham Reservation.”

    Two dead border crossers, just in today’s report. You can bet the word “sanctuary” was one of the last words to cross the lips of these poor souls. These two don’t factor in to the Carl’s Jr. “living wage standards of operation policy manual.” They’re just dead, so they’re a non-factor.

    Uh no, I don’t need a sanctuary city promoter representing me at the Republican National Convention.

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