Myth vs. Reality

The LA Times has an interesting opinion piece analyzing the myths behind the Hispanic vote. (Suggested reading for some within the Republican Party.)


  1. Ignore & offend 20% of the AZ population at your own peril. Smart.

    Which anti-illegal immigration candidates won in 2006? & which lost big (CD 8 & CD 5).

    Bush’s wins in 2000 & 2004 may be attributed to his inroads into the Hispanic community. McCain & Kyl both have done well, too. I welcome Hispanics into the Republican Party with open arms. Why would any sane political activist turn them away?

    I have Hispanic friends that ask me why Republicans hate them & what does the Republican Party have to offer them.

    If you don’t get it now, just wait…you will when the GOP is the minority party.
    For political parties to grow, they must look at the demographic trends and face reality. Not scoff in ignorance.

  2. This is a simplistic analysis. I also have Hispanic friends who happen to say the opposite and plenty of data that demonstrates Hispanics divided, not united, on the issue of illegal immigration. Last year’s election outcomes had more to do with national sentiment about the war, corruption in congress, out-of-control spending, and a divided GOP that fought its own nominees in several races around the country. There is no data to support the notion that a huge percentage of Hispanic voters swayed an election anywhere.

  3. AZ Ace,
    Go ahead & ignore a demographic and see where it leads you. The anti-illegal immigrant candidates got smashed.
    There is plenty of data to prove that Hispanics matter and they will matter even more as their population grows. If you refuse to beleive it, you are living in a fantasy land. I’ll continue to believe that Hispanics are important part of our Republican future & you can continue to disagree.
    As a consultant, wouldn’t you get fired if you told a client to completely ignore a large, growing demographic? You’re smarter than this AZ Ace.

  4. GOP Boomer Gal says

    The problem is to address Hispanics as a “bloc” instead of as individual Americans. My grandparents are from Sicily; where is the Sicilian or Italian or Irish “bloc”?

    Republicans should not give up their principles to address a “bloc”. I know a LOT of Latinos who saw through this horrible bill. They were victimized by ID theft even more often than “whitey”.

    Yes, we should welcome everyone into our party, but not by pandering to people who would rather identify themselves as “Hispanics” than Americans.

  5. Nicely said GOP Boomer Gal

  6. ThinkRIght,

    Okay, let’s not stoop to Harry Reid tactics. Where did I ever say Hispanics are not important to the Republican party? I simply stated that your hyperbole is not supported by the numbers, which you have yet to refute. And what’s ironic about your argument that anti-illegal immigration candidates lost because of their positions is that in the few cases you could cite, they were defeated by candidates who reversed their previous positions and also talked tough on the border in order to win. (How many times during the election did you hear Gabby say “amnesty” and “open borders?”) Stereotyping Hispanic voters into a pro-illegal immigration camp will not get their vote. Treating them as fellow citizens and presenting a message that connects to them as it does other citizens in the GOP and independent camps is the way to win.

  7. Someone asked:
    “Where are you from?”

    I said:
    “New York City”

    That person asked again:
    “No, were you really from”

    Again I said:
    “Okay, once again I am from New York, New

    That person asked again:
    “Are you Puerto Rican ,Mexican or

    I said:
    “I just told I from New York”

    She said:
    “Well New York is not a race its a

    So I said:
    “Puerto Rico, Mexico and Dominican
    Republic either.”

    She said:
    “Well Ok you got me, so are you Latino
    or Hispanic?”
    I said:
    “Well, I’m almost afraid answer that

    She said:
    “I hope you don’t think I being racist.”
    “But, your accent gives you away”

    I said:
    “You mean my New York accent”


    There is no problem when an Italian is asked and he will proudly say Italiano or Italian. But when its someone from Central, South or the Caribean there is a double standard. Its a matter of national security. Now latinos are responsible for everything that is wrong with america?

    Who really cares and what does it really matter to anyone what anyone decides to identify them selfs with whether it ethnicity, color, ancestry, region or nationality. It is what the individual character stands for that matters.
    If your going to be racist at least be straight forward and honest. Have some cojones. I might think that the KKK are sickos, ignorant and cowards, but at least they are clear about what they stand for.

    I am proud Hispanic who respects and honor my grand parents heritage from Spain and I am proud Latino because it is my culture first and foremost. Love The music Bolero, Merengue, Salsa, Tango and etc.. Love Latin American food(‘most of you only know Mexican’), Latina women beautiful, exotic sensual, quick witted and passionate. Are strong family connection and bond. We are as hot blooded as it gets etc…
    but also love american culture but know one is going to make like anything whether it be
    country music or flamingo. Racist people have issues they are better of seeing a psychologist. Racist people have a inferiority complex, unfulfilled and miserable perception of them self and/or life.

    And you know what if someone feel threaten by us then that is their problem. We are all human beings, but there is nothing wrong with being passionate about your unique identity just as long as you respect others as well.

    Ron Paul or Dennis kucinich give honesty and truth a chance. Listen, research, debate with family and friends, and before you decide on ANY candidate. Vote for America not for any party. It is the least we can do for our brothers at arms both past and present.

  8. This is the best Country in the world But it there is still room for growth.

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