My Turn – Comments On!

A few days have passed since my last post responding to the McCain campaign’s attack on JD Hayworth. You may remember I turned the comments off.

Since this is my blog and I have ultimate authority, I can pretty much do what I want here including blocking or unblocking comments, allowing whoever I want to post, etc.

Readers know that I have been very fair and have allowed many varieties of conservatives and libertarians to post here. I get criticized by both sides of an issue which means I’m right where I belong in what gets said here. Any reader who has been following Sonoran Alliance for some time knows where I stand. I like to think I follow the North Star of conservative principles and that allows me to stay focused. If I believe someone is not telling the truth, I’ll say it like it is including those I support. Accuracy equals credibility and I do my best to hold to that. Anyone who knows me also knows I hate bullies and sometimes that means getting in their face and letting them know.

With that said, I’m going to give a brief explanation why I turned comments off a few posts back.

Around $6 Million has been spent here in Arizona by Team McCain to cherry pick issues and place incidents out of context regarding the campaign and character of JD Hayworth. Let’s face it, John McCain can write the big checks and buy the biggest megaphones but it doesn’t mean what he’s saying is true or in context. The fact is that it isn’t and because of that, “Senator Campaign Finance Reform” is contradicting his own principles and character. He can buy as much radio, TV, mailers and robo-calls as he wants and say what he wants. It doesn’t make it true. Instead, it makes it politically expedient.

Now I may be one Arizona conservative voice here on the Internet but at least I can make an effort to call the Senator on his messaging of distortion and contortion. Because I control my own domain, I can say what I want or what others say here on Sonoran Alliance. By turning off comments the other day, I chose to quash free speech within my own domain. It was an exercise in the very thing the McCain campaign is engaging in at the present.

John McCain agreed to debate JD Hayworth but has not kept his word. Hell, he hasn’t even given the courtesy of picking up the phone and responding to JD’s request. He’s spent around $4 Million on attack distortion ads and refused to debate. Mr Character Matters is demonstrating anything but character.

So when I refuse people to comment on my post and everyone bitches and complains, I’m giving the McCain people a minute drop of their own medicine.

In the spirit of equity, I’m turning on the comments – something John McCain can’t find in his own character to do.


  1. I never complained that you turned off the comments. You have the absolute right to do that.

    I have always appreciated the opportunity to comment on this blog.

    I have been in agreement for over 5 years with most of the posts on this blog. Now that I have chosen to comment a lot on the McCain/Hayworth race, I have been threatened, lied about, been the subject of vulgar comments and felt very uncomfortable when talking with a select group of other Republicans about the race.

    I have always poked fun at some folks who I felt were being ridiculous, but some of these folks and some new random supporters have chosen to go nuclear, not because of what I believe, but only because of who I support in this race.

    You expressed how you’ve felt the McCain supporters have treated you, but you should know that the McCain supporters feel the exact same way. I had to take the McCain stickers off my car to attend a Tea Party event because I was truly afraid of what they would do to my car. There is no respect for other’s views.

    When I am around McCain supporters and a Hayworth supporter expresses his opinion, he may hear another point of view, but he’s not attacked. However, when I am around certain groups and I express my support for McCain, I’m usually attacked in an irrational way.

    I hope all of you understand the way you are coming off to the majority of voters. People saw what the Hayworth camp did to the McCain property at the Pima County Fairgrounds when they defaced the McCain booth.

    If you think you’re being defeated because McCain has more money, you’re wrong. It’s your candidate and your behavior.

    Other incumbent candidates across the country are losing their seats to opponents with less money. But Hayworth is losing because he’s been part of the problem, too many of his supporters are animated by hate and he does not enjoy the support of his former peers. Those are the reasons he’s losing, not because of money, bullying or anything else.

  2. SuzanneC says

    I was collecting signatures for JD Hayworth and a McCain supporter got right in my face, about 3 inches away, started yelling at me so loudly that Brandon, out of privacy I will not give all his last name, had to run up to me and make sure the man, I am a 5’1″ Grandmother, did not attack me. Opps so goes the gentle respectful McCain supprters. And there were many witnesses to the event.

  3. SuzanneC says

    Travis it sure is funny the Police have told me they are never on alert at any of the Tea Party events. They speak out, and not act out. Please tell me what Tea Party you are talking about, be up front with us. None of us have ever been violent, but that accusation needs to be answered.

  4. Riddle me this. Why support Hayworth when he has the same freedom index as McCain?

  5. SuzanneC says

    JD Hayworth has never told us to shut up and sit down, he knows better. JD Hayworth has never tried to pass an amnesty bill we told him we did not want. JD Hayworth has agree to two terms in the Senate, unlike McCain who refuse to leave. JD Hayworth has never sponsered a bill taking away our first amendment rights, McCain Feingold. JD Hayworth has a 100# conservative rating, MCcain 56%. Need I say anything else?

  6. OK, let me be clear, I never made an accusation of violence toward the Tea Party. I am part of the Tea Party – that’s why I go to the events. I was concerned about scratches on my car, not a car bomb.

    The other thing about the car stickers was that I am concerned about being stopped by a Hayworth supporter and being subjected to ridiculous rants about McCain that I know are untrue and having to listen to conspiracy theories at great length. These are the kinds of things that happen to me too often lately. Just read the comments toward me this blog for reference to what I hear in person. That’s all I’m saying.

    I’m also sure some people who support McCain have been rude and stupid.

    I am relating my opinon, my experiences and what I have seen and heard. That’s all.

  7. Suzanne,

    Hayworth has his own baggage regarding how he treats people. I refer you to why he is not endorsed by many respected elected leaders who know him.

    People who understand what McCain wants on immigration know that he doesn’t want blanket amnesty anymore than Hayworth does.

    JD is “promising” two MORE terms, not only two terms.

    And finally, JD Hayworth does not have a 100% conservative record – there’s no such thing.

    This is what I mean by ridiculous statements.

  8. SuzanneC says

    In other words, you are still telling us that a Tea Party activist would scratch your car? I still do not believe you, we respect people, and ghee I guess we are not to talk about our candidate who I hope beats your candidate. And now you are telling us you are just as self-righteous as Your Candidate. You are still accusing the Tea Party of destructive violence. Most Tea Parties are going to come out and endorse JD Hayworth, a threat to your Candidate? I for one and I know of non-other Tea Paryy activist who would resort to such childish tactics. But both times my brand new convertable was scratched on purpose were not from the Tea Party.

  9. When do the comments about paid Hayworth staffers posting start? Or paid Andy Thomas staffers? When are all of those considered null and void and without any value because they are “paid staff”? Hmmm…?

    Maybe this is when the McCain supporters start calling people by names and assigning personas that have no basis in reality but are considered derogatory so go for it!

    OR…the McCain folks can just stick it out knowing what we all know… JD is dying on the vine. No money, no support, no message, no record,…just like the posts, and the name calling, and rabidity of his loyal followers…it is all a big facade.

    JD made the term limit pledge for a couple of reasons… he has figured out the retirement amount he would get and it works for him and he is hedging his bet against another term limiting effort by the voters!

  10. SuzanneC says

    McCain wanted Amnesty, he just elected to call it something else. We spoke out, but it took him 3 years to hear us. Even during his failed pathetic Presidential election his comments were, “THEY ARE GOD’S CHILDREN TOO”, no one said they were not, but he tried making us fel guilty. Did not work. And now I guess you speak for JD, or I am rediculous, or I did not hear him correctly? Or are you so invested in the “Senator” you distort what JD has to say?

  11. SuzanneC says

    Ghee, now I guess I am a paid staffer. Shane I think you know who I am, please tell them I do not work for any campaign. I am an activist but I dance to my own tune. Unlike the McCain “Staffers” here.

  12. United Front says

    DSW is maintaining his credibility here, and I appreciate him doing the thankless job of filtering out much of the junk for me.

    Electoral politics is not for the tender-hearted. It usually involves shameful human behavior at all stages. It’s worse when someone is trying to dethrone the king.

    There are a lot of people and groups with different reasons for trying to unseat McCain. Hayworth does not have to prove he walks on water, just provide enough contrast and gin up the anti-McCain sentiment.

  13. Suzanne – I am not accusing the Tea Party of destructive behavior. You’re choosing to miss my point and irrationally twist what I’ve said.

    I am a Tea Partier. I support McCain. Some people at these events are completely irrational when it comes to McCain. That’s all I’m saying. You are helping me make my point.

    I have never said don’t talk about your candidate – talk all you want. But as long as Shane lets me here, I will talk, too.

  14. SuzanneC says

    I am irrational, I guess that is a McCain’s supporters way of telling us to shut up and sit down. soudn familiar. I am nott wisting anything you haev to say, you are calling me demening names though. ala John McCain.

    And now you are saying Shane will remove you since youa re a McCain supporter, another accusation. I guess when one door closes the back door nastiness opens.

  15. SuzanneC says

    Ok, going to the 2010, in case you think you are shutting me up.

  16. Suzanne – On the contrary, as I have said numerous times on this blog, I encourage you to keep talking and keep posting.

    I think people will see your posts and understand more clearly what I’m talking about.

  17. Suzanne,

    We too dance to our own tune. We do not lay down and hail Hayworth just because he isn’t John McCain.

    You’ve come to the party a little late, so maybe you haven’t seen the comments.

    A post is put up supporting McCain, any post. People respond. If you are a pro-McCain comment…it can only be that you are a “paid” staffer. It has become the mantra of the JD lovers..

    Shane is a paid JD staffer, good for him! He deserves it and is sure to do a great job! No harm, no foul on that one?

    The point is this..paid or not..if you support your candidate so what? If you are a paid campaign person..which I am not…your job, just as Shane has shown, is to support your candidate in the media and areas where voters might be. Blogs count.

    So, once again..I am not a paid staffer. I am not Susan Bitter-Smith (honestly, my husband cringed when I told him of that little concept).

    I support John McCain because he is the best person in the Senate to oppose Obama, to support the conservative principles that are relevant to today, and has a better understanding of what it takes. From my perspective JD is a self-aggrandizing, blow-hard who gave up his Congressional seat by paying too much attention to his own personality and not the job he was elected to do. He failed at the job he was hired to do, why should he be given a promotion?

  18. No McCain says

    Exactly when is McCain going to start opposing Obama? He didn’t in 2008, and he is completely irrelevant now.

  19. nightcrawler says

    Shane has been very good about allowing different points of view of this blog. The bickering between Hayworth and McCain camps and also the dialouge between the Horne and Thomas camps is very enlightening to those of us watching the game from the stands. It is the game within the game that sheds light on the truth.

  20. Radical American Patriot says

    Travis, If you are a “Tea Partyer” then I’m a member of John McCain’s select group of LOBBYISTS!!! You have employed deceit and fraud in your posts regarding JD Hayworth. Innuendos, etc. are hallmark to McCain and you! You would make Joseph Goebbels PROUD!

  21. RepublicanSOS says

    You go, Shane!You have no need to explain yourself or your domain because we tune in to get the Conservative viewpoint. Keep on blogging.

  22. SuzanneC is not a paid staffer.
    I have not checked McCain’s most recent campaign finance reports but I don’t think that “Ann” is a paid staffer for McCain.

    I can tell you that blogger Dawn Teo got picked up by Rodney’s campaign. Donna Gratehouse is now working for Renz Jennings and a whole lotta former PIO’s and journalists are working for campaigns and think tanks (Scarpinato, Scerbo, Templar)

    On another note, the only time I block a comment is if it gets overly vulgar or profane or someone takes a shot at a public official’s private family member. (I had to do this for an individual who is a consultant for the Governor).

    Klute, I love that clip!

  23. Saddlemaker says

    I believe DSW realized when he started censoring people on this BLOG coupled with being a paid JD staffer he is required by the FEC to put a paid for at the bottom of the post’s.

    If he is a Paid by JD staffer and has control over the content of this BLOG he is required to put a “paid for” disclaimer. That is a 2008 AG opinion.

  24. I don’t see how people cry “censorship” when a handful of posts have comments off and then the very next post comes up, people start whinging about the previous post anyway and that ALL gets printed.

    Now if all those subsequent comments get deleted for political content, then one has some very mushy grounds for “censor” charging, but they aren’t. So, the tearing of robes and casting ashes on the heads is a bit much, to understate it.

    If DSW blocks comments, which is rare, way way way under comparable blogs, I’ve concluded he just didn’t have the time to respond to any grumbling from the usual suspects, so it’s just OFF. I don’t KNOW if that’s the case, but people DO get over-scheduled every now and then and it’s never considered a First Amendment crisis.

    The media presents articles all the time with no hope of commenting, and no one cries “Censor!!”

    And frankly, if DSW put up a sample article as an experiment, any picked at random five commentators of this blog could EASILY mimic the expected train of comments for a whole thread and it’d be indistinguisable from a real thread.

    This entitlement mentality in America is getting really tedious.

  25. Stephen Kohut says


    Like I our any other conservative would take Terry Goddard’s opinion on anything, like the constitutionality of SB1070?

  26. Point of Clarity:

    This is a private blog. The blog does not make any money whatsoever. It does not take taxpayer money and is not subject to any federal elections law. If taxpayer dollars were spent on it, we would be under the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the government. We are not and refuse that entanglement.

    If we were ever to have that problem, I would immediately move Sonoran Alliance “offshore.”

    One other clarification. Censorship is when the government controls what is expressed. If Sonoran Alliance were to take money from the government, we would be subject to censorship.

  27. Mr. Miyagi says

    DSW, I think you’re wrong about censorship; I think what you’re discussing is First Amendment censorship. On the other hand, private censorship is perfectly legal and often necessary. However, I don’t think turning off blog comments could ever be considered censorship.

  28. “This is a private blog. The blog does not make any money whatsoever. It does not take taxpayer money and is not subject to any federal elections law. If taxpayer dollars were spent on it, we would be under the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the government. We are not and refuse that entanglement.

    If we were ever to have that problem, I would immediately move Sonoran Alliance “offshore.”


    Ah. I see. So that Club For Growth money was just…what? Fiction?

  29. “If we were ever to have that problem, I would immediately move Sonoran Alliance “offshore.””

    Bangalore Alliance….LOL!

  30. Laurie G. says

    All of this because comments were turned off??? I am impressed. I am here, reading about our soon to be primary. I had formulated my vote because JD does not have the experience or intelligence to be in Congress. I feel that it is the time now to really keep the pressure on Obama and the experience McCain has is just what we need to keep that extremist Obama in his place.

  31. Laurie G. Says:
    June 21st, 2010 at 9:59 pm
    the experience McCain has is just what we need to keep that extremist Obama in his place

    It was McCain who put “that extremist in his place.”

    The Gulf of Mexico will be dead becuase of it, AZ is being pushed to ruin.

    Think of McCain rather often these ominous days, what an ineffectual campaign he ran.

  32. Hayworth and DSW are working together to fulfill the pact they made to give McCain a target to fight against. Hayworth never intended to win or even really challeng mccain, he just got in the race so Mccain had an excuse to raise more money and keep building his political legacy.
    And all of you believe this farce dont you?

  33. All I know is both their freedom indexes are pitiful. I don’t know how anyone who loves the constitution would vote for either of them.

  34. Certainly, McCain has had his chance. In fact, he’s had many chances. I say it is time for The Changing of the Guard.

    While I expect that whoever is in office will be maginalized and then corrupted, until we repeal the 17th Amendment, we are getting the government we deserve.

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