My kingdom for a web page.

     Lisa James now has her official web site up and running. There is no “Paid for by …” so we do not know if this is another program of the Grassroots Arizona PAC.

     Thanks to Tedski at Rum, Romanism and Rebellion for the news that the site was finally working.

     Happy New Year! I hope all of our readers have a great 2007.

Sunday 12-31-06, 7:25 pm


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    So we should vote for James because Kyl won and that was Lisa’s work? But we shouldn’t vote against James because Munsil got crushed? So she technically worked for the Party, but really was working for just Jon Kyl?

    I bet there is a lot more truth to that than most people realize. That was the biggest reason our party took a beating everywhere else.

  2. Mike Triggs says

    Sorry, but the biggest reason our party took a beating was BUSH/Cheney/Rumsfeld war policy & the ethics problems in Washington. JD would still be a congressman and even Len wouldn’t have gotten as crushed had our leaders in Washington be more in touch with the pulse of America.

    I visited Lisa’a Web site and I do think, moderates like me would feel more at home with a GOP under her direction. Randy will only cause more of us to drift to the other side. You might win Primaries without us…but General Elections are another thing. As was the case in Tucson. At least Senator Hellon was voting with us “some” of the time.

  3. Agree with you 100%, Mike. You can’t blame Lisa for the losses that occured in Arizona if you look at what happened to the Republicans on a national level.

    You have to admire what the Party and Kyl’s campaign did. Even with the general disatisfaction with Republicans, they were able to pull off a wide-margin victory for Kyl. It’s a definite reason to support Lisa James.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    No disputing the effects of the national garbage, especially on what it did to the Independent vote. Then again, Pederson was a bad candidate who never got traction and that worked to Kyl’s advantage. That wasn’t anything the local party did either.

    But you simply can’t say “great job Party and Lisa James for Kyl” while clearing them completely of the losses. I suppose you think Mike D’Antoni is 19-0 as coach of the Phoenix Suns while the rest of the team is 0-8 and those losses have nothing to do with him? It doesn’t work that way.

    As far as being more comfortable with Lisa or Randy, both are focused on building the grassroots, etc. Neither is beating the drums on issues, be they social or fiscal. Both have been involved in the Party, Lisa has been more involved in the GOTV while Randy has done more in terms of party-building and fundraising. Pullen has been very involved in fighting illegal immigration, and maybe that’s where you feel more comfortable with Lisa? But neither is some radical bomb-thrower. Randy is a center-right guy and, in the absence of any idea where Lisa is on issues like protecting human life, I assume that she is as well.

    So what is the basis for putting Lisa to the left of Randy?

  5. roderick parker says

    Who pays for this webpage? If you’re going to make innuendoes about who is paying for Lisa James page, perhaps you should have full disclosure here as well.

  6. Lisa James is as honest and hardworking as it gets. That is not to say Randy Pullen is not but the clearly inflammatory purpose of the attention to her web site and questioned possible support by San Francisco lefties, without any possible attribute other than a simple pondering, is absurd and does not promote the betterment of the party. The only possible intent is to unfairly and maliciously malign someone who would serve the GOP very well and whose past actions should be more than enough to convince even the thickest of heads that she is a quality choice for this position.

    I can only hope you are driving so much traffic to her site that others with clearer vision will see the tremendous asset she would be to Arizona as party chairman. Either the Pullen supporters realize the truth about Lisa will certainly set her apart as the most qulaified for the position and hope this distraction will limit such discovery or individuals with less character than she has just like to be honery and have little concern about the long term outcomes of their words and actions. Pity them.

  7. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    That seems almost too emotional Ann. The post directly above clears up the paid for disclaimer question. No one really cares about that. So I’m not sure that the rhetoric needs to be ratcheted up that high.

    Nor is this some pro-Pullen site… It seemed like some of the people writing the posts were all for Munsil to run and other names have been mentioned favorably.

    If there is any concern about Lisa’s candidacy, it certainly doesn’t stem from any of her personal qualities. She’s a nice lady and hard working.

    It comes from the fact that the establishment (congressional delegation and select power brokers who gave us Fannin then Salmon) were concerned that they couldn’t control Pullen, so they shopped for an alternative. Lisa was by no means their first choice, but their fourth or fifth, who had to be asked to run and talked into running. This creates several concerns…

    1) The establishment has not done a good job for the last 4+ years when you look statewide. Bush won and Kyl won and those were big wins, but other than the party’s ability to focus on the one big name at the top of the ticket, they have not done a good job.

    2) The party should run from the bottom up where the Republican voters, up to PCs, up to LD chairs, etc. decide on their leaders. What is happening right now is those in power are looking to perpetuate their power through a willing volunteer, and tell the PCs who to vote for. This top-down approach will always ruffle feathers, as it is doing right now.

    3) Randy was recruited to run by PCs and LD chairs who liked the job he did as National Committeeman. He wants the job and will be very pro-active in the position. Lisa was talked into running much as Matt Salmon was two years ago. The predictable result is less energy being put into the job than would result otherwise. Its not a knock on the quality of a person. Both Matt and Lisa are great people. But neither really wanted the job. Each was asked by people in positions to help them down the road, and each made a decision to do as they were asked in return for… who knows…?

    4) I assume that the reference to San Franciso lefties has its roots in the PAC that McCain’s people put together to try and oust Haney from LD11. You likely make a real connection in that McCain’s people are very much involved in trying to maintain absolute control over the state party machinery and that is the genesis of Lisa’s candidacy. Whether or not they have returned to the same San Francisco lefties to fund this operation as their last is unknown and, in my opinion, not very meaningful. It wouldn’t tell you anything you didn’t already know. The fact that the same people who wanted to oust Haney and spent liberal Democrat money to do it are very much behind trying to ensure that Lisa James is in control of the state party is relevant. And it is a knock on her candidacy (not her person).

    Lisa’s a fine person. Randy is a fine person. I was finally convinced to support Randy by earlier threads and posts where some of the lefties who post on this site were all over Randy, claiming that he was conservative and a rebel and all the rest of it. I figured that if they didn’t like him, then he was worth looking at. So I checked him out and it turns out that he’s been a great National Committeeman, he knows the major players nationally and throughout the state, he knows how the party does its business, he has been involved with party fundraising, and he knows that what we have been doing has not been working very well and he wants to fix it. Sounds good to me!

  8. Sonoran Truth Squad,

    I think the “establishment” has done quite well for AZ Republicans. We still have a huge lead in Republican voter registration, we still control the state house and senate, we still have two Republican Senators, and aside from Governor and Attorney General, the top state officials are all Republicans.

    I agree that it should be a bottom up vote. However, the recent EGC vote makes it appear that the EGC is telling PCs how to vote. Other than Haney’s district, I wonder how many PCs support their district chairman’s decision to cast the vote against Lisa.

    Randy has been talking about running for State Chair since the summer. I highly doubt that anyone had to talk him into throwing his hat into the ring. I’m surprised that you think Matt or Lisa need some sort of incentive in order to be state chair. What’s Randy’s incentive?

    Randy may know the major players nationally, but he doesn’t get along with them. Lisa does. Lisa also knows the big donors in the state personally and it will be easier for her to ask for money than it will be for Randy.

  9. Also wanted to point out that Lisa’s website was created by East Valley Web and Graphic Design – a company owned by Steve Johnson, 2nd Vice Chair of Maricopa Republican Committee.

  10. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    The EGC is made up largely of district chairs, who voted to reflect the majority will of their PCs… So winning a vote by 17-4 or whatever the margin is says something.

    I checked with one of the district chairs and he said that yes, Steve Johnson was one of the “no” votes. That he had a business relationship with Lisa makes some sense. As 2nd Vice Chair he was not elected by any district. Also, the LD chair I spoke to said he cast his vote because his district had already voted to endorse Randy at its own meeting, so he felt it appropriate to vote in a manner that reflected their wishes.

    Evan’s information that Randy does not get along with the national players clearly didn’t come from Randy, so his sources must be the national players themselves. Who are your sources Evan?

    And please folks, spare us all the foodfight that seems inevitable in these things… It seems like the folks on these blogs behave a lot worse than Randy and Lisa do, and they’re the actual candidates!

  11. Oro Valley Dad says

    If Lisa did not want speculation about who is paying for her web site then a simple note at the bottom stating “Funded by …” would have sufficed. I know it is not required but the issue is open to conjecture when there is no disclosure.

    The water was chummed be the founders of Grassroots Arizona not Sonoran Alliance. Once the PAC was set up and funded it was fair game to speculate about its purpose and targets. I was quite surprised that it was ever set up in the first place. We cover the news as it is. Sorry if it offends people that we occasionally speculate and question the world. Please remember this is a blog of conservative writers and not a branch of the Republican Party. We certainly welcome everyone’s input and let people make up their own minds. Our comment policy has been very liberal and we rarely if ever edit what readers would like to add.

    I have been to several district meetings and one county meeting of the party and there has been absolutely no opportunity to debate or discuss issues. It is great to have a forum like this to discuss the two candidates for state party chair before one of them is elected to lead the Republicans in Arizona.

    Evan if you think the “establishment” did quite well for AZ Republicans I can only assume that you do not live in CD 8 and are not stuck with Pete Hershberger as your representative.

  12. Sonoran Truth Squad,

    Randy didn’t make any friends (aside from Tom Tancredo, perhaps) at the last RNC winter meeting with his immigration resolution. It’s all public knowledge. Google it, if you must.

    Do you mind naming your source, STS? Seems only fair since he outed Johnson as a James supporter.

    Oro Valley Dad,

    Why are we even speculating about who is paying for the website? Domain registration costs $9.99 (if you’re getting ripped off) and web hosting probaby no more than that a month. Web design was from a template, so probably no more than $100, unless it was donated by Steve Johnson. You’re trivializing the entire election by focusing on less than $200 (if that) in funds.

    And you’re right, I don’t live in CD 8. I live in CD 5, and I get the ever exciting and sure-to-vote-party-line Harry Mitchell. Can you sense the enthusiasm I have for the next two years? And after having my mailbox bombarded with JD mail too! Luckily, my LD delegation are all Republicans (LD 20), but our neighbors to the North lost a great legislator in Laura Knaperek. There were plenty of disappointments this year, but I highly doubt it can be attributed to the “establishment”.

    Look, I think I’ve responded to all of your posts and comments with real answers and good questions for you guys. When it comes down to it, 2008 is a Presidential election year and the stakes are just too high to throw away on someone who isn’t a proven fund raiser, whose tactics (though I must concede, mostly the tactics of his supporters) are not admirably looked upon, who does not have the relationships that will allow the AZ Republican party to grow (financially and grassroots), and who des not have the support of the delegation. I’d have no problem with Randy being State Chair in 2009, but the upcoming election is just too important to the nation and to Arizona.

  13. Oro Valley Dad says


    The reference to the Grassroots Arizona was initially meant as a joke. As you can tell from the original story I did not spend a lot of time on the subject. I am surprised at how strong the reaction has been. As I wrote the story I did not actually think there was a connection. With everyone getting hot under the collar I now wonder.

    I do not believe that Sonoran Alliance has taken an official position on the Republican State Chairman election. Blogs exist to promote discussion and debate. What can be wrong with that? We write about Lisa because there is always another angle. Her journey to earn a slot at the state convention has been priceless.

    Yes 2008 is an important year but I think it is the candidate who wins the election not the volunteers or the party. Jon Kyl won because he appealed more to the electorate than Pederson. (Not withstanding all the credit that Lisa James or Meg Econ want to take for the victory.) So ’08 will be won or lost by the strengths or weaknesses of the candidates.

    As to Pullen and the illegal immigration issue the party should get a better message than open borders and a path to amnesty because that will never sit right with the electorate. Mitchell and Giffords both ran ads about “getting tough” on the border.

  14. If my post seems emotional, it is. If “My Kingdom for a Web Page” doesn’t seem to be inciting, I don’t know what is. The multiple play offs of one blog on another perpetuated the idea and the “possible” co-conspirators. That seems to be very nicely laid to rest.

    I have been an active Republican for 30 years, serving at many different levels and positions….always as a volunteer. The leadership of this party is very important to me; I have seen good and bad and know the difference as it relates to the big picture. Make no mistake about my perceptions of Lisa’s original intent. Hers has always been to serve in whatever capacity best served the party. In regards to the position of chairman, it is very well known others have been considered by many who care about the future of the party. This situation, the seen and unforeseen, has lead to many thoughts, possible outcomes, and conclusions in the search for a quality chairman who can lead effectively. This is very much the process of any good candidate search. The obviously willing candidate may, or may not, be the best for the job. A person who can and has successfully ran campaigns at many levels, who is very capable of raising money, has the necessary connections that even the title cannot oblige, and who has the skills to deal with people and maintain respect while building coalitions and consensus in leadership is vital in this position. Sounds like Lisa James to me!

  15. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Sorry Even, but I didn’t out Steve, you did when you said that he was doing Lisa’s website and that he was the MCRC 2nd Vice Chair.

    And I appreciate you clearing up who you meant when you talked about Randy not getting along with national players. I didn’t realize that you were just talking about some of the people in one room during an RNC meeting. If I knew that was all you were talking about, I wouldn’t have worried. Randy has support from many of those folks who voted for his resolution and, as is common in politics, he probably has the support of some people who voted against his resolution. Either way, the support of other state chairs and national committeemen and committeewomen likely falls into the “who cares” category. Each of them will be looking after their own state, not Arizona. The national players I was talking about are those folks within the RNC, RNCC, and RNSC, as well as national organizations aligned with the GOP.

    Still, 15 posts and counting is pretty good! Guess this was a meaningful thread after all…!

  16. The great thing about having this blog is it allows us to have a lot more info on the GOP party candidates. Four years ago we had to wait until the day of the meeting before we could read anything about the candidates. Now much more info is disseminated in advance through the blogs and while one must read it with a skeptic’s eye, it is worth much more. I just hope that GOP State Committeemen have a chance to get this info before the meeting at the end of January.

  17. DSW, I urge you to go to Lisa’s web site, contact her and let her tell you why she is running and what her vision is for the party. She will welcome your contact and I am sure you will be impressed by her honest and straightforward manner. But more importantly, by her vision and sense of confidence without being rude, arrogant, or divisive.

  18. As a relative newby to “blogging”, I do not have the knowledge of all the monikers and their owners…so, I ask to be forgiven for my previous (and current for the most part) lack of knowledge towards DSW and his “real” identity in the above post. Clearly, he knows Lisa and was speaking from a wider perspective.

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