My Final Rebuttal – Guest Opinion

By L. Burke Files

To Sylvia Allen, Gary Morris, Peter Aleshire, and the AZ Republican Party;

In my opinion, the three of you and the party are a great disappointment.   No, you will listen, you immediately decry this “attack” as a Rogers person, and you would be correct. I am a 20-year friend of Wendy and Hal. I get it. I, however, am sharing my view and background in advance. It is a technique in argumentation called authenticity, something you have forgotten.

Senator Sylvia Allen, you were once the fresh face of the rural independent spirit.  Your gaffs about ethnicity and sexual orientation are hurtful, but expected.  You have not traveled, and you have not seen how the citizens of the world view American. America is Eldorado. We are the famed city of gold on the hill. They want to be here; they want to become Americans. My grandfather was an immigrant, and he well remembered his reception in Chicago when he went looking for work. Little signs in the window said NINA. It meant No Irish Need Apply. He was at first angry, but soon realized the country was so rich the NINA businesses did not need his money.  Your time has passed, you have forgotten the golden rule  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Republicans are the party of Lincoln, not Wilson. To me you now more or less resemble Norma Desmond looking for your last close-up. You could have gone out on top. Now you will just go.

Gary Morris, Gila County Republican Precinct Chair, you are the epitome of what the party has become. The AZ Republican Party has become a sclerotic assemblage of the status quo.  In this tyranny, there is enormous inertia, so much so only a crisis real or imagined will produce real change.  If you can open your eyes, you will see the crises, it will be in November, and you and others like you are the authors of the tragedy. Your role was to advocate for who the party members chose, Gary – it’s not your choice. It is the choice of the voters. Your tireless advocacy for Allen has removed you from the party Chair to become the foppish incumbent cheerleader. 

Peter Aleshire, you disgust me.  I am a huge proponent of the First Amendment and especially investigative journalism. The third estate is what keeps democracy between the lines. My advocacy for the First Amendment is not virtue signaling, I have, as a financial investigator, supported the work of the ICIJ and OCCRP in their worldwide efforts to combat fraud and corruption.  Don’t buy it? Try searching my name. I have little hope you’ll get that right, as you certainly were unable to Google or check the facts in the campaign. Your posting of manufactured articles only to take them down and allow them to be used by Sylvia Allen and Gary Morris is a fraud upon journalism.  You could have sponsored a debate between the two candidates, but no. You have betrayed the truth, you have betrayed the hope of finding the truth, and your actions are the ultimate betrayal of those whom you serve, your readers. 

As for the Arizona Republican Party, you are tone-deaf, economic, and legislative morons. When I see a debate and the talking lines are who are more loyal to the party, it echoes a bad movie scene where the prisoner clerks in a gulag are debating who is more loyal so they can get an extra ration of gruel.

After this election cycle, this Republican of 40 years will drop his registration to become an independent.

This is my opinion, so be it.

L. Burke Files
Financial Examinations & Evaluations, Inc.


  1. Eric Frizzell says

    🇺🇸Snake Oil Sylvia Allen has been the epitome of everything she (falsely) accuses Col Wendy Rogers of….yet, true to the brain washed loyalty to the Establishment, that her incumbent Republican position has become, Snake Oil Sylvia Allen weaved a tangled web of lies so deep and wide, she has deceived herself (more than anyone else in her constituency), with Arizona Court case documentation to prove that she lied under oath and lost…and that’s almost impossible to do, for the Black Widow that Snake Oil Sylvia Allen prides herself on being (at least according to Snake Oil Sylvia Allen…if you don’t think so…just read her own comments that she spits out regularly…. she’s arrogantly proud of her humble opinion)….but deceptive and cruel (at least to veterans) Snake Oil Sylvia Allen turned Black Widow has proven to be. Her glaring lack of dignity and integrity, not to mention transparency, don’t matter; that going from a Black Widow to a coiled rattler, with an increasingly venomous smear campaign, which was a desperate effort to distract voters away from the truth of the monumental failure that Snake Oil Sylvia Allen has become….and the monumental success Col Wendy Rogers will be, when she replaces Snake Oil Sylvia Allen, as the next AZ Senator for this district… is a reality that Snake Oil Sylvia Allen is terrified to admit to…so Snake Oil Sylvia Allen’s venomous, desperate smear campaign (which desperately allows Snake Oil Sylvia Allen to avoid debating or otherwise confronting the truth that Col Wendy Rogers has repeatedly exposed her for) IS THE ENDS JUSTIFYING THE MEANS!


    An NRA Lifer and Army Veteran-Eric Frizzell

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