Must have been open bar at Nixon’s

The drinks were really flowing if anyone thinks they are going to get a McCain cabinet like that. AZ Political Intel has the results of the poll. Inside sources indicate a McCain cabinet will look much more like this:

VP – Rob Portman
Sec. of State – Christine Todd Whitman
Sec. of Treasury – Carly Fiorina
Sec. of Defense – Lindsey Graham
AG – Jon Kyl


  1. Antifederalist says

    If Whitman and Graham are in a McLame administration, it would be further justification of why I was brilliant to have voted Libertarian in the `08 general election.

  2. Portman? Really?


    God, could McCain pick a worse person to back up his fiscal cred than someone who ran the OMB in the Bush administration, an administration that didn’t put the breaks on out of control spending until it had a “D” stamp?

    A guy who helped out the Duvalier family in Haiti.

    Oh, please let this be. Especially if the Bloomberg rumors are true. Bloomberg would wear Portman’s guts for garters.

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