Munsil-Montgomery Border Security Plan

Len Munsil & Bill Montgomery discuss their border security planHere is the text for the Munsil-Montgomery Border Security Plan. I for one, definitely support this approach. The last thing we need is someone who will take the “don’t-ask-don’t-tell” approach another four years or someone who will round-up illegal aliens into tent citys only to have riots break out.


(1) Len Munsil will immediately deploy the Arizona National Guard and assign it the mission of securing Arizona’s southern border, working cooperatively with U.S. Border Patrol and ongoing Operation Jump Start. The Governor is authorized under A.R.S. sec. 26-172 to “mobilize all or any part” of the National Guard when the Governor proclaims an emergency or “deems it necessary to protect lives or property.”

(2) Len Munsil and Bill Montgomery will seek funding to create the “Arizona Border Patrol” as a division of the Department of Public Safety. Law enforcement will play a significant role in safeguarding Arizona from the ongoing effects of illegal immigration.

(3) Len Munsil and Bill Montgomery will seek funding to deploy radar technology the entire length of Arizona’s southern border, complementing current Border Patrol efforts and covering those areas that are currently unprotected. They will also seek funding for additional security fencing and vehicle barriers along the border to serve as a “force multiplier” for areas difficult to patrol.

(4) Len Munsil and Bill Montgomery will provide additional resources to law enforcement, the courts and all necessary components for the criminal justice system to process illegal aliens quickly and move them out of the state system.

(5) Bill Montgomery will reorganize the Attorney General’s Office to form a new “Illegal Alien Prosecution Unit” tasked with not only prosecuting violations of Arizona’s Anti-Coyote Law resulting from the deployment of state resources to the border, but to also complement any efforts undertaken by County Sheriffs to enforce the Anti-Coyote Law.

(6) Bill Montgomery and Len Munsil will work in partnership with the Legislature to craft additional legislation to provide Arizona law enforcement with additional tools to address the ongoing impact and effects of illegal immigration. These efforts will include a criminal trespass measure and employer enforcement provisions designed to punish employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens.

(7) As the state’s chief law enforcement officer, Bill Montgomery will also partner with our federal counterparts to develop a formal protocol resulting in a commitment from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) to take custody of individuals identified as illegal aliens within 24 – 72 hours of their initial detention and for local law enforcement to be reimbursed the costs of detention.

(8) Bill Montgomery will be an advocate for greater participation by Arizona law enforcement agencies in the free training provided by ICE to qualify designated law enforcement officers to conduct the initial immigration interview process to speed transfer of custody from Arizona law enforcement agencies to ICE for further proceedings.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    So what happens if Goldwater wins?

    After all of the campaigning Don did with Bill, and after all of the introductions to the border crowd that Don made, he sure couldn’t have been happy for Bill to bail out in exchange for help with $5 contributions…

    Wouldn’t you like to be there for the next meeting with those two?

    Hey, that plan left off (9)… You know, the part where Len will allow John McCain to change this plan whenever he wants…

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Riots break out? You mean like here in Maricopa County’s tent city?

    Oh wait, after all these years, not exactly riot central now is it…

    Maybe that’s why Don’s plan only put non-violent offenders into the tents…

    You notice that this plan has no provisions for locking up, and keeping locked up, illegal aliens? Only that they’ll work something out with the feds… Yeah right, that’s been working great…

    Give me somebody who will stop them from getting in with a real fence, and catch and detain those here illegally. Hey wait, that’s Don Goldwater! As the man holding the Red Stripe says, “Hooray Goldwater!”

  3. How about we put the illegal aliens back in Mexico? Oh wait, we wouldn’t sound tough enough… Those illegals wouldn’t learn their lesson!

    You, my friend, do not understand the simple logic that it is better to send border crossers back to Mexico than to keep them here.

    So let’s get this straight… A burglar breaks into your house, and you… lock him up inside and make him do housework?

    I want my burglars outside the house.

    And what’s with the McCain thing? McCain supports a different plan to deal with the border. I’m curious to know what Munsil has to do with that? Logical answers only please

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Its actually a legal question. If the crime is coming across the border, then the State of Arizona does not have the legal ability to repatriate them. We have to hold them for however long the process takes, and it can take months or longer. The current catch and release process isn’t working… Even if the feds are working on the legal process, the illegal must either be detained or released in the meantime. As you might imagine, releasing them results in a very low percentage who show back up for their legal proceedings.

    If the crime is more serious and/or of a violent nature, they may expect to serve their sentence in the United States before being returned to their host country.

    The McCain reference is for Munsil’s same-day flip-flop on building a fence, much maligned on that night’s Horizon. McCain’s involvement in Munsil’s campaign is hardly a state secret…

    Final two points, a burglar breaks into my house, he gets shot. So I’m not sure that’s the parallel you’re looking for. Also, just to protect yourself from charges of stereotyping or racism, you don’t simply send all of the border crossers back to Mexico. Why you ask? Because all border crossers aren’t Mexican. They come from all over the world and, while they may use the Mexico-U.S. border to cross, and while they may all look the same to some people, they must be repatriated to their home country, even if that’s Pakistan or wherever… Thus, many of the delays…

    On a positive note, you want your burglars outside of your house. So you’ll be quite happy with Goldwater’s border security plan. You can view it at!

  5. Hundreds if not thousands of illegals in a tent city will create a powderkeg waiting for the right spark. You can also expect to have every Amnesty International group, Catholic priest and nun and any other anti-war protest group camped outside the camp trying to show the horrifying treatement of every woman and child in such camp. Count on an endless media barrage and a public relations nightmate. I can see the Napolitano ads already.

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