Munsil gains a bit, Kyl improves slightly.

Senator Jon Kyl has widened his lead over Jim Pederson in the latest edition of the Zogby / WSJ Battleground States Poll. Kyl is not showing a 7.4% edge compared to 6.2% on October 19th. Still a close race but the trend is decidedly not good for Pederson. May another few million will seal the deal.

They are also tracking the race for governor. Munsil will like the trend but I am not sure what will happen on November 7th. The current numbers show Len within 8.6% of Janet. A slight improvement from last months 9.5%.

I will try to link to the numbers tomorrow but it is late and I cannot seem to get the page to open.

Monday 10-30-06, 10:50 pm


  1. Didnt are great and unbiased public tv station have Janet up by like 44 or something???

    Think I’ll fabricate a poll that shows Len up by 17

  2. Mike Triggs says

    There is no way Janet is up by 44%, but if I had to bet on next Tuesday’s outcome today, I’d bet on Janet with at least a
    15% spread. If JD wasn’t such a chicken it could have been much closer race, although Janet would have still come out on top.

    I’ve been impressed with the way she has run this race. Not a single negative campaign ad. What a concept.

  3. “If JD wasn’t such a chicken”

    think you got the wrong guy dude!!!

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    He’s right about JD… He means that if JD Hayworth had run against her, the race would have been closer…

    As for her concept of no negative ads, that isn’t a concept, its just what you do when you’re winning by huge margins. If the race were close, she’d go negative just like everyone else…

  5. STS

    Not true, I think Kyl is up by at least 15 and he has gone negative. I believe none of the BS polls that show Peterson that close. NONE !!

  6. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    You may think he’s up by 15, but he’s not. Local and national polls indicate that he drifts from 6 to 12 points ahead. In an environment this toxic for Republicans, he can’t take the chance of letting a close race sneak up on him, so he responds to Pederson’s negative attacks with his own. 6 points can become a tie pretty quickly these days.

    Napolitano is up by a much larger margin than Kyl is. If you think Kyl is up by 15, then Napolitano is up 30. In truth, she’s probably up between 20 and 30 and Munsil’s name id remains very low. So she can ignore him and start running for U.S. Senate now.

    Kyl could ignore Pederson if he were an unknown as well, but dropping $12 million into your own race tends to introduce you to voters just fine, thank you! So he can’t ignore him like Janet can ignore Munsil…

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