Mundell for AG? Not Likely

I am somewhat amused by Greg Patterson’s constant pimping over at Espresso Pundit of Corporation Commissioner Bill Mundell as a good candidate for Attorney General. I don’t know about you, but I wonder what exactly does Patterson see in Mundell that makes him think that Mundell is such a strong candidate in a Republican Primary for AG?

Consider the facts.

First, Mundell is pro-choice. Notwithstanding the beliefs of some liberal Republicans, this is not exactly a position of strength in GOP primaries. Second, Mundell’s record on the Corporation Commission ain’t exactly stellar from a conservative perspective, with the most egregious example being the fact that Mundell helped push through horribly anti-free market mandates on renewable energy. Finally, in what perhaps is the best indicator that Patterson is probably spending a little too much time down at the Corporation Commission, is Patterson’s insistence that being elected twice statewide as Corporation Commissioner translates in any real meaningful way to strength in a Republican Primary. Put simply, this assertion is laughable. If you don’t believe me, go ask a couple of your neighbors to name just one Corporation Commissioner.

I am sure Mundell is a good guy. But let’s face facts. When was the last time any member of the Corporation Commission moved up to any other statewide office of significance? The reality is that for most politicians, election to the Corporation Commission usually represents the end of the road in electoral politics, not a jumping off point.


  1. DoubleDecafLatte says

    It comes down to the question, do you want to win. The last couple of GOP candidates for AG had great pro-life credentials. But the voters thought there was more to being AG than just being pro-life.

  2. Observer says


    I think you missed the point of the post. What they were saying is that being pro-choice in a Republican Primary is not seen as an advantage. Notwithstanding Patterson’s belief that Mundell is a good candidate – which I tend to think is a bit off – Mundell would still have to win a Republican Primary before he could run in the general.

  3. Hometown Guy says

    Mundell has at least one vote. Patterson is solidly in his corner.

    Of course it’s true that abortion issues are not work-a-day routine for the AG., but Republicans usually want to cast their ballots for other Republicans. Playing at it by throwing an “R” after your name, simply ain’t enough.

    Mundell might have to get a real job. He could even practice law. Another option, as a liberal out-of-work former legislator and corporation commissioner, is a judicial appointment by Napolitano. That seems to be her theme these days. I’m waiting for the governor to appoint Rep. Kyrsten Simema.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Think Foster Robberson with better hair…

  5. Do you think one reason Greg Patterson might have stars in his eyes over a Mundell candidacy is that Patterson is a registered lobbyist who regularly appears before the Corporation Commission where Bill Mundell is a member. Patterson is registered with the Secretary of State’s Office as a lobbyist representing Arizona Competitive Power Alliance (since January 2003) and Investor Owned Water Utility Association (since January 2005). That close association could dull one’s otherwise keen senses.

    Lobbying has paid off nicely for Patterson. He recently advertised his modest one-carport home for sale on his blog. Have heard he recently purchased high-end digs in North East Scottsdale. All this while attending law school? Bet he’s glad he gave up that low rent legislative gig ($18,000 a year before it was raised to the current $24,000).

  6. Interesting connections!
    JV has cleared up the confusion behind the Patterson/Mundell love-fest. Didn’t know Patterson lobbied before the CC.

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