MSNBC Schultz on McCain: ‘Biggest political opportunist of the country’

Leftist MSNBC talk show host Ed Schultz rips into John McCain in a tag team with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Yes, both are liberals but listen as they describe the John McCain they once could work with.

The big question to Arizona voters is do you really trust John McCain?


  1. Stephen Kohut says

    Trust McAmnesty? Never have. Never will.

  2. Look, it’s no secret to anyone who has half a brain!

    McCain and Richardson have been drinking from the same liberal press trough for years!

    Richardson wants to see amnesty for political reasons and McCain wants it to ensure profits for his supporters in the business community!

    Nothing more, nothing less!

    Neither, for different reasons, could give a good cold damn for the taxpaying middle classes, unless to ensure that they continue forking out!

  3. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

    They’ll kissy-poo McCain until they can get an actual Party Democrat. They’d far rather have a (D) holding that seat than an (R). Then it’s “McCain, who?” He can caterwaul all he wants. His decades of past politicking to “reach across the aisle” will be “sunk costs.”

    Schutz gets hysterical, in the literal meaning – totally unbecoming of a male of the species, and Richardson is a (DQ) – Democrat Quitter. Until he unquit.

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