Ms. Sunshine cruises around in an SUV.

     We wrote about Congresswoman’s Giffords speech at the Independence Day celebration event in Oro Valley. As she was leaving the park we noticed her getting into an SUV. That’s right Ms. Solar Power rides around town in an SUV, an imported SUV. So much for union made American cars. A Toyota 4Runner, no big deal you think. There are larger SUV’s for sure. But from the photo it looks to be somewhere between a 1996 to 2002 4Runner. Let’s assume a 2000 4 Runner V6 Auto 2 wheel drive – that’s 17 mpg in the city, 17 mpg! That’s a pretty high carbon footprint for Ms. Sunshine. If she really cared about a smaller carbon footprint she could have gone with a Honda fit at 28 mpg/city. Even the American made Chevy Tahoe Hybrid gets 20 mpg in the city. Better yet they all could have hopped in the Honda Accord that one of her handlers was driving sans passengers.

     Of course what this really points out is the utter hypocrisy of Giffords. She does not really care about the environment or U.S. union workers. What matters to Giffords is using these issues to get elected and lecturing the rest of us about the environment while she rides around in an SUV. I hope the tires were inflated to their correct pressure.

     Sure glad they used biodegradable plates at their wedding. They failed to mention the carbon spewing SUV when the press was covering the “environmentally friendly” event.


  1. That’s disappointing, assuming it’s her SUV, and assuming it wasn’t loaded to the gills with stuff. On the union issue not so much – being pro-union doesn’t mean “I have to buy a badly made American car”. I loathe SUVs, always have (unless, of course, they’re actually used for sport utility, and not just bringing the kids to Tae Kwon Do). Very few people have a need for SUVs.

    And see, Bob? SA knows how to do oppo.

  2. Funny, Klute.

  3. I got a million of ’em.

  4. Chocolate says

    I wasn’t there so I don’t know if it was “loaded to the gills” They sure can’t use their height as an excuse for needing a large vehicle, she is short and Kelly is shorter. NASA must need a booster seat so he can reach the controls of the shuttle.

  5. Maybe this vehicle runs on vegetable oil…

  6. Typical hypocricy, no question. I do not begrudge anyone their choice in transportation but when a group of people say we have to conserve fuel then they certainly earn the right to be held to their own standard. Gore, Travolta, Striesand, among many others have actions that do not match their words in this regard so she’s in good company.

    And Klute has set me straight on oppo research…we should all follow each other around with video cameras…I’m buying stock in camcorder and memory card manufacturers. 🙂

    Just no more whining about asking if your candidate can speak at an event. They wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t ask. Talk about much ado over nothing, I can’t why Scarpinato spilled ink over that. Oh, yeah, it’s the Star’s job to make Tim look bad, I forgot.

  7. more good news…approval rating of Congress: 9%. Great job, you’re even worse than POTUS

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