Mr. Schweikert Resigns to Run

David Schweikert

Maricopa County Treasurer, David Schweikert, submitted his resignation today. Out of fairness and preparation to the Board of Supervisors, David has been in discussion with each Supervisor for weeks so his resignation comes as no surprise.

This important step comes as he prepares to reclaim the Republican seat currently held by anomaly-congressional Democrat, Harry Mitchell.

The following letter was submitted to the Chairman of the Board today:

October 17, 2007

Fulton Brock, Chairman
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors
301 W. Washington St.
10th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Dear Chairman Brock:
I write this letter to you and your fellow board members with sadness in my heart for leaving a position that I have truly loved. I depart with the knowledge that our Maricopa County Treasurer’s office has accomplished exceptional things for the citizens of our community. The staff is impressive with its knowledge and work ethic, which has made my task as Treasurer rewarding. The quality of the customer service, taxpayer outreach and technology improvements over the last four years has made the Treasurer’s office one of the most outstanding in the country.
During my candidacy for Treasurer I established a number of goals and each of these has been achieved. To be respectful of the rules and the challenge Joyce, my wife, and I have ahead of us, I must tender my resignation effective Monday, October 22, 2007. As you and the Board contemplate the appointment of a new Treasurer, please embrace the goal of continued stability and professionalism in the organization.

I leave an office that is fiscally responsible, having fewer employees today than when I was elected. I am proud that our office has kept costs under control. With this small and dedicated staff we have created the Elderly Assistance Fund, redesigned tax bills and information statements, improved the website making the public’s access to information simpler and significantly cleaned up the tax rolls for Maricopa County. Most importantly we made the office a shining example of how government should operate.

As you know, the Treasurer’s Office is the banker and investment officer for not only county government, but for the schools and hundreds of other taxing jurisdictions. The Treasurer’s Office has billions of dollars being collected and paid out every year with over a million and a half checks/warrants being processed and an investment pool that has exceeded four billion dollars. I have treated these responsibilities with the utmost caution and respect, and I know you and your fellow Board members will weigh the scale and responsibilities in your deliberations in search of a replacement. I would like to express my gratitude to the voters who allowed me to serve; to the County and its leadership for their professionalism and to the staff and management team for their creativity and desire to do the best job possible. I will miss all of you.

Sincerely, David Schweikert
Maricopa County Treasurer

Here is how the East Valley Tribune covered the story.


  1. I am very happy to see someone with Schweikert’s background and knowledge running in our district.

  2. Capitol Observer says

    Dave has provided a great service to the citizens of Maricopa County as our Treasurer. Just look at your tax bill – I have never seen any other government form that is so well designed and informative so that every taxpayer can clearly understand who is taking his money. It is amazing compared with what we used to get.

    Speaking of money, what other government agency has actually reduced staff voluntarily over the last four years? To do this and IMPROVE the level of service is nearly unheard of for any government agency or department. In addition, his testimony at the legislature as well as his work with individual legislators, was very important in crafting quality legislation that will serve us for many, many years.

    On another note, Dave Schweikert actually delivered on the promises he made in his campaign – and with his track record in that area, I am confident that he will keep his campaign promises when elected. Perhaps others should look at his record and do the same.

    Great job, Mr. Schweikert. County government will miss your leadership, but I am confident that you will bring that same level of competency, common serse and service to the citizens of Arizona from the halls of Congress.

  3. Mr. Conservative says

    We NEED Dave Schweikert in congress!!!

  4. kralmajales says

    Hey, I will say this, he beats the hell out of Tim Bee on this. Respect for citizens who elected him, voters, and the ethics to at least start the fundraising for one office while not holding another.

  5. kralmajales says

    Good looking dude too!

  6. Kral — back off, David is running with Joyce, his wife. Anyone who’s received one of his mailings (anyone who has bought property or refinanced in CD5 since he’s been Treasurer?) knows that David AND Joyce are running.

  7. Walter,

    Is tat speculation on your part about the addresses coming from records he would be privy to based on his public position?

  8. Eyesonthe5th says

    What a nice glowing puff piece that Schweikert gave himself on his resignation.

  9. If you don’t have a good track record, you talk about what you are going to do – typical in most political races. I am glad that he can point out specific positive accomplishments for the voters to use as a measuring stick.

    Ann, as to being privy to public records – the definition of the records is revealing. IF, again, IF he is using information from PUBLIC records, it is available to anyone. How do you think telemarketers and banks and other companies get the information to contact new homeowners, etc? Therefore, if they are PUBLIC records, he would not be PRIVY to them.

  10. Eyes on the 5th says

    What does Joyce do for a living? Since both Joyce and David are running, I’m just curious what she does. It sounds like they stand the same on issues, since every corrrespondance is ‘Joyce and I’…

    If they already mortgaged their home, as they say that they did, then they were obviously considering running long before they were ‘exploring’…

    I think this is an FEC complaint waiting to happen. He wasn’t exploring, he’s been holding fundraisers, and speaking as a candidate.

    Something is fishy in the 5th!


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