Mr. President and members of the “world’s most deliberative body”

A RASMUSSEN REPORTS national telephone survey that was conducted on Monday and Tuesday night as the President was publicly attempting to rally support for the legislation, found that SIXTY-NINE PERCENT (69%) of voters would favor an approach that focuses “EXCLUSIVELY ON SECURING THE BORDER AND REDUCING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.” Support for the enforcement only approach comes from 84% OF REPUBLICANS, 55% of Democrats, and 69% of those not affiliated with either major party.   

  FIFTY-SEVEN PERCENT(57%) favor a proposal giving “all illegal aliens up to three years to leave the United States. After leaving, the illegal aliens would have to get in line and wait their turn for legal entry into the United States.” SUPPORT FOR THAT CONCEPT COMES FROM 67% OF REPUBLICANS, 49% of Democrats, and 56% of unaffiliated voters.



  1. Another Survey – Even the Blind should see!

    Bush Job Rating Hits Record Low — Reuters

    WASHINGTON (June 14) – President George W. Bush’s approval rating has dropped to 29 percent in an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released on Wednesday, his lowest mark ever in that survey, which also found only 23 percent approved of the job Congress was doing.

    Bush’s approval rating slid 6 points from 35 percent in April, NBC said, citing a decline in support within his own Republican Party. Sixty-six percent said they disapproved of Bush’s job performance.

    In the poll, 62 percent of Republicans approved of Bush’s job performance, down from 75 percent in April. Thirty-two percent of Republicans in the latest poll disapproved of Bush’s performance, up from 21 percent in April.

    NBC tied the drop in Republican support to Bush’s efforts to promote an immigration reform measure that many conservative Republicans oppose.

    ** McCain loses 13% over two months supporting Bush – Can anyone say Amnesty? – who has also lost 13% over two months.

    What a shock!!

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