More praise for Romley–from Kyrsten Sinema

Rick Romley has run a campaign for the Republican nomination for County Attorney that seems more appropriate for someone seeking the DEMOCRAT nomination for County Attorney.

Now as he engages in an 11th hour, transparently political attack on Sheriff Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, about the only people cheering him are Democrats.  Once again Kyrsten Sinema applauds Romley.  Our faithful readers will remember that Sinema also praised Romley for his amnesty plan for illegal aliens.

Here’s a little bit of friendly advice to Mr. R: when you’re running in a Republican primary against a competitive opponent who is clearly trying to get to the right of you (which Romley has made a far too easy task), it’s probably not good when the most far left political figure in the state is singing your praises.


  1. You lost me at “competitve opponent.” Maybe you don’t like Romley, but you can’t actually take Montgomery seriously. The guy has what, 4 years of prosecuting experience? I have goldfish older than that.

  2. I think I actually like Montgomery, but can’t understand why he keeps bringing up serving as legal counsel to the party — the time of which happens to coincide with the acceptance of an illegal contribution from a group not registered as a political committee. That money was then transferred to a separate IE with one of the most disgusting ads ever created. Not a shining legal moment….

  3. Hey Wormbuner,

    I voted for Montgomery, and I hope he becomes our next county attorney.

    That said, I’m glad the grand jury transcripts were released yesterday, and the fact that Kyrsten Sinema was also glad doesn’t mean anything to me.

    If Thomas is embarrased by what is reflected in the transcripts (and it looks like he should be) the fault lies with Thomas, not Romley.

  4. Steve Calabrese says

    Bill Montgomery is a very serious opponent indeed. Montgomery reminds me of the man Romley used to be – back when Romley actually was worthy of respect.

    I agree with Romley that Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio have abused their powers. However, Romley has become blinded by his hatred of Arpaio. He fails to see that the Board of Supervisors is equally corrupt and abusive. He chastises Andrew Thomas for a conflict of interest for investigating the BOS on some of the same issues Thomas previously advised the BOS on, but has no problem backing the BOS – who clearly have a valid reason to despise Thomas – when they specifically REFUSE to hire a third-party accounting firm to audit Thomas and the Sheriff. No, no 3rd party for the BOS, they want to use their own, biased staff to do it. This audit will have the same degree of credibility as Thomas’ own investigation.

    Romley has taken a lot of heat for endorsing Democrats. I believe that in rare occasions it is sometimes right and proper to endorse a Democrat – Goldwater’s endorsement of Karen English over the carpetbagging liar Doug Wead is a prime example. The problem with Romley is that it has become a trend with him – I see Romley’s name endorsing more Democrats than Republicans.

    Perhaps it’s because no Republican wants to be affilated with the poisonous Romley anymore, but I think it’s because Romley, between his hatred of Arpaio and his financial enrichment at the hands of Terry Goddard, has no stomach any more for Republican politics. He is a “status quo” politiican, and leans more to the left with every year.

    It is so very, very sad. Romley is a war hero, a skilled litigator with a first-rate mind, and back in the day was a man of rare principle and political courage. Now, I don’t know what he is anymore.

    I will be stunned if Bill Montgomery doesn’t dominate the Republican primary. Perhaps then Romley will run as an independant – he certainly has enough support among Democrats to do so.

    I mean, let’s be honest- the UFCW union is doing PHONE BANKING for Romley – if that is not a sign that Romley has been totally embraced by the left, I don’t know what is.

  5. EastValleyPC says

    @Steve (not Calabrese) – Montgomery has more than 4 years of prosecution experience. You must’ve stopped watching the Horizon debate after Romley committed his second error (his first was agreeing to go on the air against Montgomery. Romley was laid to waste!)in trying to minimize Montgomery’s experience. The fact is, as I’ve heard the man himself lay out the numbers, Montgomery has more leadership and prosecution experience than either of the last 2 County Attorneys combined when they first ran for the office. Montgomery was not the State Party Counsel. Montgomery was the Maricopa County General Counsel that did not have one single complaint filed against it throughout that entire election cycle.

  6. In that Horizon debate, Montgomery referred to West Point four times and his military experience. I wish Romley would stand up and pull up his pant legs and say, “Mr. Montgomery, I understand the price of freedom every minute of my life.” Of course, Romley has more class than that.

    For those readers who don’t know: Rick Romley lost both legs through a land mine in the Vietnam War.

  7. Why should anyone be surprised that Sinema admires Rick Romley!

    And why should anyone be surprised when the RINOs on this list line up for Rick!

    Liberal ideology always crosses party lines!

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