More on the Mexican Military Home Invasion in Phoenix

As Sonoran Alliance was the first blog to report, JD Hayworth broke the story of at least one Mexican military member involved in a home invasion early Monday morning (Read Sonoran Alliance’s initial posting).

JD Hayworth has now made police reports available via the KFYI-550 website. Here are those links:

Phoenix Police Department Report on Mexican Military Home Invasion [Page 1] [Page 2] [Page 3]



  1. Again, what am I supposed to be caring about here?

    Former military members exist in all occupations, criminal or legitimate, foreign-born and local.

    I used to work for Kenny Rogers Roasters. Does that mean Kenny Rogers is on the hook if I commit a crime? Likewise, why is the Mexican military on the hook for a guy who used to serve?

    The Mexican military thing isn’t a problem, it’s the home invasion/murder thing. If the guy was active duty, then you’ve got a story. Otherwise, this is J.D. doing his usual sideshow amusements.

  2. And furthermore, all this is going to do is escalate the drug war. The police will get bigger and better guns, and then the dealers will, and so on. You knock down one group of bad guys, and another will come in and take their place (or several as it happened when the Sonoran Cartel was broken up).

  3. I sort of let this go, didn’t read the links because I feel JD often elevates issues to remain relevant himself. I heard the PLEA President on his show and thought I had heard enough.

    After reading the links, boy was I wrong.

    The past profession is very much an issue. Their training and access to weaponry and information in a corrupt government presents more than hired thugs. Much, much more.

    I would like a follow-up report as to what the PPD has done to inform officers on the street of this incident and what they plan to do for the future.

    This incident took place in at least 2 different precincts. I know officers in another (high crime and high minority) precinct that had no idea this had happened, except for the attention from JD & SA.


    How is this going to escalate the battle with bigger guns, etc.? Are we supposed to allow them to have the upper hand and kill at will, police officers included?

  4. Ann,

    There are mercenaries in the employ of every legitimate and illegitimate enterprise in the world. I’m not going to wet my pants because someone formerly from the Mexican military committed a crime, anymore than I wet my pants after Timothy McVeigh used his military training to bring down the Federal Building in OKC. The issue is the crime committed, not their background.

    “After the arrests, one of the men – whom police have not identified – told a police officer that he had received some military training, said Sgt. Joel Tranter, a police spokesman.

    After the arrests, one of the men – whom police have not identified – told a police officer that he had received some military training, said Sgt. Joel Tranter, a police spokesman.

    That statement launched speculation that members of the Mexican army invaded the home.”

    …and once again JD is trying to gin up controversy to keep his name in the news prior to 2010. If the Mexican military HAD been involved, which they weren’t, the US Government wouldn’t be keeping quiet (although with the sheer incompetence of this administration, maybe they would, so you got me there).

    And as for escalation, escalation will not solve anything. Police get bigger guns which leads criminals to get bigger guns which leads police to get bigger guns and so on. I’m not saying the police shouldn’t defend themselves and us, what I’m saying is that the Drug War can never be won this way.

    It’s like with the idiocy of anti-meth laws. All the restrictions did was push production south of the border, and now, with access to the purer base elements of meth, we’re getting stronger product. That’s all. Oh, that and we gave the Cartels exclusive rights to another cash crop, strengthening the grip and increasing the reach of the narcotrafficantes.

    But at least we all FEEL like we’ve done something, right?

  5. And of course, for J.D., mission accomplished. He got on the O’Reilly Factor… Never mind the fact he basically torpeoded his won argument.

    Hey, J.D., fire the guy who does your lighting. Your eyes looked sunken and your skin was red. It was like watching Charon the boatman with a bad tie give a stump speech.

  6. ALL OF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY RETARDED. ITS ALL THE “Arizona New Mexican Mafia” CALLING THE SHOTS HERE. MY WHOLE FAMILY IS IN “Mexica” or “Ariztlan”. the government will never be able to stop what we do. even if the leader “Jefe” is locked up 24/7 in a maximun security prison all the way in Maine. my brother was the one who was shot and killed in june 2, 2008 home invasion on 28th ave and Mcdowell. my other homie was shot and inured and later bled to death in his house. there’s nothing you people can do to EVER stop what Arizona doesn’t matter how many artillery the government can give Arizona police departments. we took over the drug business and there’s nobody or anything thats going to stop this. all of you are just wasting your time. im not here to argue or to bicker im just informing everyone what they’re dealing with. signing off this is Solo from varrio southside 35th Avenue MurderFeindClick BPS13 gang. R-I-P OG CONEJO DE ARIZTLAN.

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