More on the McCain endorsement.

     Espresso Pundit makes fun of McCain. (see September 7 – When it Rains it Pours:) When he is done kidding he really tears him apart. Greg states “The fact that you thought my first three paragraphs were serious is an indication of how much of a problem McCain has with the Republican base.” But in the fourth paragraph he says, “Now, I’m not especially happy that McCain opposed Bush’s tax cuts, and McCain/Feingold trounced on the first amendment (which is one of my favorites). Come to think of it, the McCain Lieberman gun control bills would have been a disaster, and his amnesty bill isn’t a good idea…but other than that.”

     He includes the line “you can read the (other) right wing blogs and they will be down on McCain.” Oh, as opposed to your kind words. Don’t get me wrong we are glad to have Greg point out the truth about Senator Amnesty.

     Just when Goldwater gets an opening he pulls this stunt. Waiting for confirmation but Hot AZ It Gets has so far been fairly accurate.

Wednesday 9-6-06, 11:45 pm

This is priceless. Gary Tupper is quoted as calling the actions of a political figure “counterproductive and foolish.” (See the second to last paragraph.)

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