More on Dennis Wilenchik

Two articles on Dennis Wilenchik in the last 24 hours worth reading.

Groe case takes another twist, addresses the credibility of Wilenchik’s prosecution in the case of State Representative, Trish Groe.

Mike Sunnucks reports on the Arizona State Bar’s investigation of Wilenchik in his article in the Phoenix Business Journal.

Several of our astute readers are asking where Joe Arpaio is in all of this fiasco given his history with the Phoenix New Times.


  1. Joe must Go says

    Where is Joe? He’s been trying to “get” the New Times for years, this is just his latest attack and I find it amusing how the print media is trying to place the blame on Andrew Thomas instead of squarely on Joe where it belongs. Thomas fired Joe’s special prosecutor when he saw what Joe was having him do. So where is the outcry against Joe? Methinks it’s not there because the print media and Dems find Thomas an easier target than Joe, who is untouchable. Saban, get your act together and save us from this sheriff.

    Found this article on the web from PR Watch which is a bit more objective, probably because they’re not local and don’t know that they’re wasting their time going after Joe:

    Journalists Jailed
    Topics: Defend the Press | ethics | human rights | journalism | secrecy
    Source: Arizona Republic, October 19, 2007

    The executive editor and CEO of Village Voice Media were arrested Thursday night after publishing details of what they call “breathtaking abuse of the constitution” in a grand jury subpoena against their Arizona newspaper, the New Times. The subpoena is part of an attempt to prosecute the paper for publishing articles criticizing Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio’s questionable real estate deals. The subpoena demands that the paper turn over “all documents related to articles and other content published by Phoenix New Times newspaper in print and on the Phoenix New Times website, regarding Sheriff Joe Arpaio from January 1, 2004 to the present.” In addition, it demands information about all the online readers of the publication, including their Internet domain names and what other Web sites they visited before reading New Times. According to retired judge Kenneth Fields, the subpoena “touches on privacy issues of a lot of people who cannot be the subject of a grand-jury investigation. This is potentially thousands of people.” Village Voice reporter Tony Ortega says the arrests show that Arpaio, who has carefully cultivated a “constant parade of television journalists” to build an image as “America’s toughest sheriff,” is actually a “paranoid despot … Even those reporters who may have bought Arpaio’s line of bull in the past must see what an abuse of power this is, and how it threatens the journalism being done by papers that dare to question public officials.”

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