More migrant scapegoating from Republic.

The Arizona Republic is at it again, printing racist attacks against illegal immigrants. The article states federal reimbursements for the cost of care “is not enough to defray the bulk of costs associated with providing emergency services to illegal immigrants.” This directly conflicts with the often-repeated line that migrants are a benefit to the economy. I guess it depends in what part of the economy you look.

The Republic continues its confused reference to those not legally in the U.S. The headline says Migrants, the first paragraph says undocumented immigrants, and the second paragraph says illegal immigrants. We recommend the more politically correct Visitors without written invitations.

The article does point out that the total loss from “residents who do not have insurance” exceeds the dollar amount of “immigrant-related care.” But on a percentage basis the Republic article states hospitals that cater to illegal immigrants recover 20% of the bill from “immigrants” compared to a 33% payment rate for all charges. These figures are very interesting because I did not know that the hospitals had an accurate procedure for categorizing patients as legally or not legally in the country.


  1. I live in Kansas, but recently read The Devil’s Highway by Urrea, and I would like to help the immigrant cause, somehow.

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