More lies and distortions from the Republic.

Back in September we covered an Arizona Republic story that contained several apostasies about “migrants.” Now the Republic has really gone overboard with race bating and attacks on migrants from Mexico that are just here to do jobs that American won’t do. The Republic claims that several “migrants” from Mexico were rounded up in an ICE operation targeting gang members. How dare the paper smear honest hard working people from Mexico operating inside the U.S. Maybe they are just trying to expand their operational area.

The other lie that the paper is reporting is that local law enforcement was involved. This must be a misprint because we all know that immigration status is a federal issue and could not possibly involve local police.

The MSM conspiracy attacking “migrants” is so deep that even Channel 12 has a video covering the story.

Aside from our disappointment with the media’s immigrant bashing we do genuinely thank the brave members of law enforcement, federal and local, who daily risk their lives to keep our communities safe.

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