More irresponsible than teenagers?

rules.jpg     Steve Huffman sent out a strange looking mailer about teenagers being irresponsible. It was a classic Huffman hit-piece aimed at another candidate who is leading in the polls for the Republican primary in CD 8.

     Given Steve’s use of the term irresponsible it was quite surprising to learn that Steve and his wife Leticia were sued by their homeowner’s association (HOA) after moving into their home at 11757 N. La Tanya Drive in Oro Valley. The suit alleges that Huffman violated several rules: building a wall and pool without submitting their plans, constructing a wall within 10 feet of the property line without permission, not respond to notices of the violations, and refusing to correct the violations.

     I live in a very restrictive HOA and sometimes they can be a pain but they usually mail out several notices before filing a lawsuit. You have to be pretty irresponsible to get sued by your HOA. A couple moving from rural Minnesota might be forgiven for not knowing how HOAs work but at the time of the lawsuit Huffman had been a licensed real estate agent for since the mid ‘90s. He had been selling real estate for over 8 years and must have been very familiar with how Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) work. In fact the suit states that the Huffmans had been provided a copy of the amended CC&Rs. So Steve Huffman chose to purchase a home in an upscale part of Oro Valley with restrictive association rules, was furnished a copy of those rules, and then reportedly chose to violate them and refused to correct the situation when asked to do so by the proper authorities. Sounds very irresponsible to me. It does not remind me of teenagers but instead of a spoiled little child.

     It is a shame that politics has become so negative and that Steve Huffman felt that he had to try and tear down another candidate to get ahead himself. It is even worse that he turns out to be a hypocrite.

     The suit dragged on for at least a year and a half. It is all a matter of public record with the Pima County Clerk of the Superior Court under case number C20040049.

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