More GOP outreach.

     Tonight (Thur, 12/13/07) is the second meeting of the Pima County Republican Cigar Club. Widely spoofed for promoting stereotypes tonight’s event should feature a prominent Independent from the Tucson blogging community.

     The event is held at Anthony’s Cigar Emporium at 7866 N. Oracle Road (SE corner of Oracle and Magee.) Arrive anytime from 7:00 pm to closing at 10:00 pm. There is no charge to attend and you may bring your favorite beverage.

     Only you can promote diversity! Bring a friend.


  1. …and a gas mask or an iron lung.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    In the spirit of bipartisanship inhaling is optional.

  3. OVD,

    The daughter returned from college. Sorry I couldn’t make it. I even bought some of the good stuff for the event. I hope you guys had a good evening.

    See you in January. The tenth is my birthday.

    For what it’s worth, I would recommend using the Grant/Swan location every so often. It would increase the exposure.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says


    We missed you. January it is. I will mention the Grant/Swan option to the power that be.

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