More Fake News: Frosty Taylor promotes whacky conspiracy theory about party finances, gets smacked down by party treasurer

By Calamity June

Earlier this week, Frosty Taylor published yet another conspiracy-laden post about Arizona Republican Party Finances. Using the same lies and innuendo, she suggested that the party was attempting to sideline duly elected treasurer Bob Lettieri and prevent him from doing his job.

Foil HatIn fact, she made this assertion without even ATTEMPTING to reach out to Treasurer Lettieri…to find out if her story was true.

And what prompted this baseless and vile accusation? The fact that Chairman Jonathan Lines, in consultation with the treasurer himself, has brought on a new team to ensure 100% compliance at the state party.

Oh, the horror!

To his credit, Mr. Lettieri, who actually ran against the Lines slate at the January State meeting, immediately responded to Frosty’s post, setting the record straight:

Red Curve is not replacing me as Treasurer for I am irreplaceable. Joking aside, the focus of the time I spend at the AZGOP office is to review information not to perform accounting functions. The more accurate and reliable the information I work with makes the reporting I am responsible for more timely and reliable. It is critical that the required FEC and State reporting be timely and accurate to prevent penalties for late and inaccurate filing.  While in the process of reviewing the accounting information I have made recommendations that improvements were needed for me to have more reliance in the information I needed from accounting. Thus, changes, have been made that will result in improvements to both the quality of accounting information and meeting required filing deadlines. Red Curve was hired with my concurrence as Treasurer base on careful consideration with Chairman Lines and Matthew Kenny. 

Lettieri concludes:

Please contact me with your concerns or if you need additional information about RedCurve. I believe that the AZGOP is making great strides to demonstrate transparency and these posts are counterproductive to our efforts to bring unanimity to the Party.

But of course, Frosty won’t do this. Why? Because she is dishonest. She’s not a journalist or a reporter. She’s a rabble-rousing hater. Her aim is to lie, to tear down, to berate, and to destroy the institutions of the party. Instead of clearing up any confusion with a simple phone call, she attempted to create controversy and confusion.

Nice try, Frosty. Despite your best efforts, you’ve once again been called out for your lies. Despite running on opposite slates, Chairman Lines and Treasurer Lettieri are working together to further the goals of the party and win elections.

And not even your fake news site can take that fact away.


  1. Calamity June You got it wrong: Frosty Taylor didn’t out the AZGOP for changing accounting directions. American Freedom by Barbara exposed one of the best kept AZGOP secrets in town with yesterday’s AZGOP-Accounting Heads In New Direction.
    News on the street is that Chairman Lines will announce at their next Executive Committee Meeting that they have entered into an agreement with Red Curve Solutions to keep track of their finances and make sure they are in compliance with the FEC.
    Red Curve Solutions, LLC (“Red Curve Solutions ®”) is a treasury, budgeting, and compliance service-provider to national and state Republican political campaigns, parties, and PACs. It is based in Beverly, Massachusetts.

    Calamity June your assertions are way off base: From the MCRC Briefs nothing was said about conspiracy-laden post about Arizona Republican Party Finances. Using the same lies and innuendo, she suggested that the party was attempting to sideline duly elected treasurer Bob Lettieri and prevent him from doing his job.
    MCRC Briefs merely stated the fact that “Folks are now wondering what elected AZGOP State Treasurer Bob Lettieri is supposed to do since AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines has farmed out the bookkeeping to Red Curve Solutions – a Massachusetts firm? Lines was set to make the announcement during the Saturday Executive Committee meeting in Flagstaff. Now ExComm members will have time to think about it and ask questions when they gather this weekend. – ft”

    Using a Pseudonym or anonymous leaves the reader to believe you are ashamed of who you are and your opinions are worthless. If you write it and wouldn’t sign it, Don’t say it…

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