More evidence that the investigation into Republican Dowling is a witchhunt

This article says it all – Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools and conservative Republican Sandra Dowling, who the AG indicted, has had 12 of the criminal counts remanded because evidence favorable to her may have been withheld that may have proven her innocence. Add Dowling to the list of Republicans (which is notably missing Democrats) Goddard has investigated until their next election is over – then all charges are coincidentally and mysteriously dropped.


  1. Buddy Breon says

    It is getting worse. Besides the fact that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has put Terry Goddard up to this stunt, they are now threatening Tim Bee if he does not pass their pet bill, Senate Bill 1313. They lost the first vote and now have the measure up for reconsideration this week. The board of supervisors is pulling out all stops by threatening Senator Bee and getting some help from the Arizona Republic. Picking on Bee is pretty funny since he actually voted for the bill when it was considered last week. They probably don’t want to make him mad because he is reported to not like the bill anyway.

    Adding fuel to the issue is Senator McCune-Davis, who told a Democratic district meeting that even though the Dems can’t win the elections, thank goodness they have Terry Goddard there to take-out Republicans like Sandra Dowling so they can run the state. Of course, Terry has to look behind him a lot now that Joe Arpiao is after him on charges similar to those Goddard brought against Dowling.

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    The County Supervisors are working with the AG to threaten Tim Bee? That is certainly reason for concern, but I’m not sure I understand how this is all happening? What are they threatening Bee with?

  3. Oh come on, 12 counts remanded and like what 80 something not?

    She’s a crook and we should not be defending her. What will we say when she goes to jail after its proven she stole thousands from our schools?

    She got greedy and now she is going to pay.

  4. Buddy Breon says

    It’s not 80, it’s 25.

    But, where in the world did you get the idea that Dr. Dowling has stolen money? Even the AG couldn’t make that allegation. Not one charge alleges that she took anything for herself. Not one! You make it up that she stole thousands from the schools and expect people to believe you? Go back and read the charges. Better still, go back and read the various court records. Then, you won’t look so foolish by saying something so stupid.

    The charges over money all involve her using public money for public schools and the board of supervisors mad because she didn’t ask them for permission. She didn’t have to, not under the law. Not a dollar is missing. The money is either in another public account or there is a paper trail to where the money is located. That paper trail does not lead to Sandra Dowling. She did not steal anything. You should apologize for saying she did, unless you have evidence that you have not given to the Attorney General.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Thanks for clearing that up Buddy, but I’m still waiting for clarification on the threats issued to Senator Bee?

  6. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Still waiting… You know Buddy, we’re fast approaching the point of “you should apologize for saying that they did, unless you have evidence”… Sound familiar?

  7. Buddy Breon says

    Well, I don’t think it’s my place to do what the board member threatened to do and make public the allegations about the Senate President.

    As to the threat to the Senate President, you should call him directly and ask. He knows the details. There is no need to rehash them here, just as there would have been no need to rehash allegations of theft if the writer had evidence to take to the A.G. She didn’t, so there is no one for her to suggest I contact and get the details.

    But, if you are uncomfortable calling Senator Bee, I believe you can call your own senator, as they all were talking about it among themselves on Monday. The actions in question were no doubt designed to make the President work harder to get the bill passed.

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