More Democrats endorse Rick Romley

Democrats have been lining up behind temporary Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley in his race against conservative Republican Bill Montgomery.  As if Republicans needed any more reasons to dump Romley, today Romley garnered additional Democrat support in the form of Linda Valdez and the rest of her liberal colleagues on The Arizona Republic’s editorial board.

The Republic’s list of picks is lousy with RINO’s, from Romley to Tom Horne, Paulina Vasquez Morris to Susan Bitter Smith.

This is hardly surprising–when a left-wing newspaper gives advice to Republicans on who to pick in their primary, one would expect they would go with the most liberal candidates.

For that reason it’s hard to see this endorsement helping Romley or any of these others.  Republican primary voters pay a lot of attention and they’ve certainly sniffed the Republic out.  They’re unlikely to take their marching orders from the lefties at the Republic.


  1. Spirit_of_1776 says

    Where do they get “high ranking member”? Montgomery worked as a Bureau Chief. That’s at least 2 levels below the County Attorney. Their endorsement would have hurt Montgomery, anyway.

  2. heidi embry says

    Tom Horne has the highest ethical ranking an attorney can receive as published by Martin Dale Hubbel -Av. He has held statewide office for nearly 8 years. Horne has been a special prosecutor for the Attorney General office and given achelades for his excellent work. He has practiced law for 30 years. Saved $300,000 of taxpayer dollars in the Flores case that the current attorney general refused to take all the way to the Supremep court. He has promised if elected to secure our borders, keep us date in our homes, and attract businesses to Arizona. Certainly qualified.

  3. conservative says

    Also, did anyone else notice that the Republicans that the Republic endorsed are pro-abortion. Romley, Horne, Morris, Bitter-Smith are all anti-life.

  4. The Republic has no clue but whether a candidate is pro-choice or pro-life is irrelevant to the County attorney or AG races. They are supposed to enforce the law, regardless of their personal views.

  5. Steve Calabrese says

    Romley is no longer the man he used to be, ’tis true, and is not worthy of the Republican nomination, but I think that calling Tom Horne a RINO is rather inaccurate.

  6. Steve is right. Horne is more of a democrat than a RINO.

  7. Steve Calabrese says

    Tom Horne is the first State Schools Superintendent we’ve ever had who has managed to shut down the racist La Raza classes in Tucson, AND stop the bussing of Mexican citizens over the border to Southern Arizona schools. Plus, unlike Andrew Thomas, he has a solid track record of WINNING cases in his legal career. Is Horne a perfect Republican? Nope. He is, however, a far better lawyer and a man with a finer grasp of limited government than Thomas, who will almost certainly be indicted soon.

  8. Lou in LD6 says

    Here’s another RINO pick from AZ Repugnant. Appointed interim temprorary Sen. David Braswell.

    The 2008 crop of conservative legislative candidates considered it a badge of DIShonor to have the Republic’s endorsement. The Republic picking Braswell makes perfect sense.

    Tell your LD6 friends to vote for Lori Klein for State Senate over the McCain endorsing RINO Braswell.

  9. Stephen Kohut says

    Steve Calabrese,

    8 years of sucky performance as State Supr. of Instruction was way too many. La Raza was shutdown by legislation, not Horne. If it took 8 years for Horne to figure out that La Raza and bussing students in from mexico were issues, God help us on what else we would take 8 years to dela with.

  10. The left wingers at the Republic should not be telling people who to pick as the REPUBLICAN nominee anyway! Romley should run as a Democrat.

  11. Jon Altmann, PC, State Committeeman LD11 says

    There are not many fans of Susan Bitter Smith on this page – I know that. I will say one of the posters is wrong about Susan being pro-abortion. As someone who very involved in my Catholic faith, I know that Susan has spoken before Catholic school kid groups and the only folks allowed to speak before our kids in Catholic schools are ones that that are pro-life. If you are not a fan of Susan’s for other reasons, you have a field of choices in CD5, but at least let’s get the debate correct on one point.

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