Monitoring Iowa Shows Herman Cain Leading GOP Field


Cedar RapidsGazette/KCRG-TV poll, of likely Iowa GOP Caucus Attendees, conducted Nov/1-13

  1. Herman Cain, 25%
  2. Rep. Paul (TX), 20%
  3. Gov. Romney (MA), at 16%
  4. Gov. Perry (TX), at 8%

Rep. Bachmann (MN) at 8%
Speaker Gingrich, at 5%
Sen.  Santorum (PA), at 5%
Gov. Huntsman (UT), at na%



This poll is exclusively Iowa Caucus attendees.  National polling is too generic to accurately reflect the mood of Iowa Republicans and fluctuates with the mainstream news-cycle.


  1. In the debates Ron Paul decries more miles of border fence. Yet here he is with a TV ad showing a border fence to beef up his image regarding border security.
    Ron Paul’s lies:
    8 seconds in.

    • LD6 PC, You say Ron Paul “lies” because he “decries MORE [emphasis added] miles of border fence. Yet here he is with a TV ad showing a border fence to beef up his image regarding border security.” You got my attention because Ron Paul has a good record for telling it like it is, even his detractors acknowledge that.

      I watched the url you provided and I didn’t even notice the fence the first time through. (The 8 seconds went faster than I anticipated.) The 2nd time through it occurred to me his showing of the fence indicated fencing where it was appropriate and effective, (He could have shown where it was inappropriate and counter-productive see:

      LD6 PC you should realize that Paul (and Perry) live in Texas where most of the border is the Rio Grande river. Building a fence in the river is expensive and impractical, building a fence on the U.S. side of the river cedes, (or renders useless) land between the fence and the river to Mexico, trying to build the fence on the Mexican side would likely cause the deaths of the construction workers.

      So here’s my unsolicited advice, don’t criticize any of the Republican Candidates on perceived integrity, moral or competency failings. Believe me the Democrats will supply such criticism in spades, not only to the nominee in 2012, but to every losing candidate as well when and if they choose to run for another office, retire or continue in business. Besides that, character criticism is character assassination, it’s ugly, uncharitable and destructive.

      Stick to criticizing the candidates on legal eligibility, actual proposed policy statements, questionable campaign funding sources, or possible conflicts of interest. We need that kind of criticism to choose the best nominee without loading that nominee with negative press we should have avoided. Every one of the Republican candidates, declared or not, is far superior to BHO.

  2. Mike Triggs says

    V V – Speaker Gingrich, at 5%….WOW to go from Leader of the pack to 5% overnight. AMAZING…And you heard it on SA so it must be true.

  3. Veritas Vincit says

    Mike, you’re a product of government education right? You obviously didn’t READ the source of the polling material or you are not savvy enough to understand the differences between NATIONAL generic polling and very specific IOWA polling by a local newspaper who’s done this poll for years.

    Expect Iowa to pretty much follow this poll.

  4. I am trying to remember the last time I heard about 9-9-9 and not about sexual harassment. How is this guy still in the lead?


  5. Wishing Gary Johnson could get some traction…

  6. Don’t expect SNL, ABC, NBC, RNC to report news on Herman Cain unless they have something silly to say. FoxRadio played a sound bite of him yesterday which sound like they caught him as he was yawning and asking someone to pass him is bible. LOL. I’m confident a poll of likely Caucus attendees is more trustworthy than the ones filtering in from MSM.

    Networks make polls say whatever they want. Newt’s on top? There was a speech by the Newt yesterday answering an anchor baby question. He was John McCain incarnate: “If we just secure the border that entire problem goes away!” From now on, let’s just call him Newt McCain. Rick Perry could have offered a more astute answer. Far far from the madding crowds, conservatives are listening carefully to rhetoric from “seasoned” politicians. Some of Newt’s answers are impeccably smoke-filled- Newt McCain needs tea party support, but he will never get it.

  7. Mike Triggs says

    V V – unless you are an actual Iowan like me don’t lecture me about Iowa caucuses. I don’t know any true Iowa politicos who turn to a Cedar Rapids Gazette poll as a barometer of anything political.

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