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     Just got this letter from Jim Click in the mail today. I was trying to lay low and not write any more about the race for state chairman but these letter keep coming. This one reminds me of the time in 2004 when John Kerry talked about all the world leaders that he had met with who told him they did not support Bush. If they felt strongly about that then they could have said it in public or maybe Kerry could have given us some of the names. Same goes for Click and his reference to people who will not donate if Randy is chairman.

     This letter is less of an attack and more about extortion. I think it is likely to backfire on Lisa more than anything. Graf may have lost the election but a lot of his supporters are state delegates. They remember the last time Click really got behind a candidate.


On Saturday, January 27th, our Arizona Republican Party will be faced with a very important decision. We will be electing a new Chairman. This is one of the most important Chairman elections in quite some time. In my opinion, the choice is clear. Lisa James has the experience and know-how to be an excellent Chairman. I am thriller that we have someone of her caliber willing to run.

Some have said that it doesn’t really matter who the Chairman is. Contributions will continue to flow into the Party. I can tell you from firsthand experience that it is not easy raising money for the Republican Party. Over the years, I have raised millions of dollars for the Republican Party and Republican candidates. When I raise money for the Party, it is important that the Chairman is someone donors trust to make good decisions with their money.

While I will support the Republican Party no matter who wins on January 27th, I feel obligated to tell you that most of the donors I am talking to won’t. It will be dramatically more difficult to raise money if Randy Pullen is elected as Chairman. Many of his public comments have donors worried. For example, he wrote a guest column for the Arizona Republic on March 7, 2004 where he said President Bush and Congressman Jeff Flake were making “deliberate attempts to mislead the American public.” That kind of comment does not fill potential donors with confidence in his leadership.

When you cast your vote for Chairman, please vote for the person who has the ability to bring the grassroots and donor communities together. We need both to have a successful State Party. Thank you for everything you do to make our state and nation great.


Sincerely, Jim Click


  1. OVD,

    In the pure sense of “help me to understand” I ask this and truly am seeking a window into your world and not as a means to counter punch…..if in fact, Mr. Click is aware of a number of contributors of big amounts who have with all honesty and conviction made their intentions clear, and he believes it without a doubt…what should he do?

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    He should tell them not to pre-judge. He should also explain why he would stay loyal to the party and support Pullen if that is who is elected.

    Another point that no one is discussing. How many grassroots conservatives are not giving now and will not give if Lisa is elected? Really, if you loose a $1,000 donation you need ten grassroots people to give $100 to make up for that. Or twenty people to give $50. Nice thing is there are a lot more people who can give $50 or $100 so maybe the money will come from somewhere else.

    I can tell you right now I know a lot of people, major and minor donors, who do not have confidence in the current people running the party and are not giving and will not give a dime to the party until things change. I certainly would not give one cent to the NRCC after they wasted it in a primary for a Republican on Republican battle. I was also not impressed that the NRSC wasted so much money in Rhode Island so that Chafee could go on to loose. I was also not impressed when the state chairman made a call one behalf of only one candidate during the CD 8 primary.

    Jim Click is also not the only one with rich friends. There is a lot of money out there. I think some of the insiders live in an echo chamber and think that those who have donated in the past are all that there is. There are a lot of grassroots conservatives who are not poor but are giving directly to candidates only because of the intrigues at the state and national levels.

  3. Thank you. I will not debate or take issue with anything you say, I asked for your opinion to give more clarity to your opinion and you obliged. I do disagree with some of the points but I believe everyone reading this has the ability to see for themselves if they feel your take on this fits their viewpoints….or not.

    On thing we both agree on; many in the party are tired of the old ways and want new, fresh leadership with a vision and determination to get ‘er done…..their dollars are tied to their faith in or upon evidence of that really happening. Even loyalist will find, as you described, a way to further their cause but will not sew into bad soil.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Folks, Click already told the Arizona Republic that he would have no trouble giving to Randy. He just preferred Lisa because she was more moderate.

    This from the guy who wanted Steve “blood on the floor” Huffman in Congress…

    Enough said…

  5. honest abe says

    Wrong, wrong…Click stated he was misquoted and taken out of context in the Republic story and does not support Randy. Call Him, you will hear it for yourself. Or better yet, just wait until Randy calls for money…CLICK!

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