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We’re not big on boycotts so in a sense, this post is really a reflection of the free market’s response to a product in decline and out of synch with its customers.

It’s no big surprise that the Arizona Republic has been leaning to the left for over a decade so when it seems that it can’t get any worse, the Republic proves it can further underwhelm us. (Although in all fairness, we do appreciate Amanda Crawford’s recent plug.)

Sadly, it no longer even makes a halfhearted attempt at providing fair coverage of the news; its news articles sound like editorials and its editorials are monolithically liberal. While Republicans hold a majority in voter registration in Arizona and Maricopa County, one would wonder why the state’s largest news source would lean so far to the left. It does not represent its residents and the market is reflecting just that.

Since the birth of his blog,, Greg Patterson has done a great job illustrating and documenting the bias exibited by the Republic. Recently, Red State Arizona noted how many of its reporters go on to work for Democrat partisan politicians.

On Monday, Paul Giblin wrote on his East Valley Tribune blogsite how reporters are increasingly moving into the political world from the world of journalism. After covering the Arizona Legislature, reporter Robbie Sherwood left the Republic to work for Rose & Allyn for a year before finally settling with the Harry Mitchell campaign.

We’ve all come to expect The Arizona Republic to promote a liberal agenda on top of its sometimes sloppy and irrelevant news. The people are voting with their dollars and its showing as subscriptions are dropped and people take their news reporting online – the classic free rider problem – for the Republic, that is.

So our question is this, “Why spend a dime when you can read it free online?”


  1. Dropped my subscription a few months ago.

    First they need to can Linda Valdez, that would be an excellent start. What a dimwit. She wrote, in the paper, “I didn’t elect Democrats to use my taxes to support animal cruelty” (6/23/07). This was on the editorial page next to the masthead, not the OP Ed. So, Linda, since that’s your (and apparently your employer’s) goal, then I don’t buy newspapers to elect Democrats. Adios, muchacha!

    A real collective brain trust in their editorial staff.

  2. George of the Desert says

    Linda Valdez is either intentionally obtuse or dangerously ignorant. Either way, her opinions are a waste of ink.

    She actually wrote in the aftermath of the 2006 elections that the Governor’s policies should be given more weight than those of the legislature since more people voted for Napolitano than voted for either Speaker Weiers or President Bee. She either ignored or did not understand that legislators are elected by district and therefore cannot possibly garner as many votes as a statewide candidate.

    Of course, I wrote a letter to the editor pointing out this idiocy. They must have had “space limitations” that day since it wasn’t published.

    Their demise is welcome.

  3. I’m still amazed she is employed after her piece on the expression of religion by limiting the wearing of religiously associated jewelry and clothing.

  4. Arizona Report says
  5. Linda Valdez is a class act. In fact, she has more class than many regular posters on this site (Ann excluded. We often disagree, but she’s erudite and agreebale even in disagreement).

    She’s also an opinion writer. You don’t agree with her opinions, but nonetheless she is paid to offer them.

  6. You would think that a media organization would want to stay independent, critical, and non-biased. What happened to taking a little pride by being an independent source of information?

  7. What a travesty.

    I just don’t see any way that this is a just situation.

  8. PB,

    Great link to your satire on the Dems and Arizona Republic! Always enjoy your stuff.

    It’s no secret that Republic reporters hang out and party with Dem Party officials.

    Conservatives continue to dream of the day when more American institutions (universities, media outlets, public schools) are taken back by conservatives!

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