Modern day Conscience of a Conservative

When Phil Gramm served in the U.S. Senate, he carried the banner of Conservatism.  He picked up where Sen. Barry Goldwater had left off.  Two incidents capture the wit and philosophy of Senator Phil Gramm.  During a hearing with an Asst. Secretary of Education, Gramm was making the point that he thought parents were better at making education choices than bureaucrats because as a parent, he loved his children.  This bureaucrat went on to say, “Senator, I assure you that we love your children as much as you do.”  To which Senator Gramm simply asked, “What are their names?”  It was a priceless moment in exposing the problem of big government nannyism.

The second incident was during the fight over Hillary-care, in which Gramm famously said that it would pass “over my cold, dead, political body.”  Thus, throwing down the gauntlet that he would expend every ounce of political capital he had to defeat the greatest government intrusion in our lifetime. And he succeeded.

Now, after being out of the limelight for many years, Senator Gramm is weighing in on the challenges that face our nation today.  In today’s Wall Street Journal he writes:

I believe the man we need to meet the mortal need today is here. He is experienced, but has not lost his common sense or his ability to be outraged. His conservatism is not the result of a studied philosophy, but of common sense and personal observation. His name is John McCain. He might not be the right president for all times, but he is the right president for these times.

That is a pretty solid endorsement which is going to carry a lot of weight with conservatives.  Read the whole thing, it’s worth it.


  1. Well what do you say? Someone here in Maricopa County AZ had the guts to publish the endorsement of His Eminenz Senator Phil Gramm for our Senior Senator John McCain for the Candidacy for US President and there are no comments yet?
    What is every one waiting for?
    OK then, myself and my family is in full support behind the Honorable John McCain to become the next President of the United States of America.
    Make a note of it.
    The Horst & Gisela Kraus Family.

  2. Grassroots Girl says

    Check this out… McCain actually scored higher than Kyl in the National Taxpayer Union Congressional ratings – 88% for McCain, 87% for Kyl – which ranks them both as “Friend of the Taxpayer”.

  3. It is definitely easier to consider John McCain when a strong conservative like Phil Gramm backs him. Although McCain had disappointed many of us on Campaign Finance and immigration issues, he does have a fairly decent voting record otherwise, especially on Family issues. Even the Marriage amendment which he wouldn’t back at the federal level, he supported it here at the State level. His statement regarding Roe v. Wade got him some kudos in the conservative arena. Let’s just see if he avoids ticking too many people off before the Primaries.

  4. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with �we leave it to you to decide�.

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