Mitchell’s Macaroni

There’s a post from Paul Giblin in the East Valley Tribune today in response to a press release issued by Harry Mitchell’s campaign. What’s strange about Giblin’s post is that he doesn’t really address the substance of the Mitchell campaign’s press release – probably because he knows that it’s false anyway.

Sonoran Alliance posted a press release by the Schweikert campaign earlier today in which the Schweikert campaign called Mitchell’s latest press release a desperate act of distortion of Schweikert’s tax policy. You can read the details of that press release in an earlier post.

Here’s where it gets strange as Paul Giblin rightly states.

Seth Scott, the campaign spokesman for Mitchell called David Schweikert a “perennial congressional candidate.” Politicos only use the word “perennial” when they’re talking about a candidate who has a perfect losing record when it comes to running for office. These types of candidates continue to run for office election after election but never seem to become an elected official. They are “perennial candidates.” The classic example is Joe Sweeney who runs for Congress every two years.

Giblin then points out the so-called “perennial” characteristics of both Mitchell and Schweikert. He lists each year and office they’ve been elected to. (Mitchell is a career politician if there ever was one.) The title “perennial” does not really apply to either Schweikert nor Mitchell since they have run for different offices and have won seats.

So I have to agree with Giblin’s post that the word “perennial” was improperly used to describe David Schweikert. The Mitchell campaign must be getting desperate and frantic if the only thing they can come up with is a false negative connotation.

Maybe if they put a feather in their hat, they could call it a macaroni.

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