Mitchell flip-flop on vote with immigration amendment embarrassing

We’ve gone from J.D. Hayworth to a flip-flopper in Congress in CD5. What kind of representation is that, where you have no idea where your Congressman is going to vote until the last minute, and then he’s told how to vote (which he denies)? Or, not sure if this is worse, he tells you he’s going to vote a certain way and then changes his vote at the last minute? Rep. Harry Mitchell flip-flopped at the last minute on an agricultural bill, agreeing to vote against it with Republicans because it included an amendment that would have provided federal funding for housing and employing illegal immigrants. However, once it looked like the Republicans had enough votes to send the bill back to committee to fix it, Mitchell switched his vote. Representation like that is chaos, not representative democracy. Didn’t Mitchell campaign on a platform that included cracking down on illegal immigration? The State GOP held a press conference on his trained seal-like behavior.

flip-flopping trained seal


  1. SonoranSam says

    You guys will have to do better than this….

  2. In one respect, I agree with Sam (for once). The state party should have been on this on Friday morning — the day after it happened.

    Also, this is a twofer. Mitchell violated his tough on illegal immigration promises, but he also violated his pledges of being independent, non-partisan and ethical. The D’s changed the rules and ignored the proper vote count. Mitchell was complicit in it.

  3. Are you two even Republicans? I can’t tell because you’re always rooting against the Arizona State GOP… Maybe you’re just Pullen-haters?

  4. Wasn’t Pullen and his staff at the RNC meetings last week? Yet Walter wants them to simultaneously hold a press conference in Arizona at the same time? Maybe next time they’ll borrow Walter’s transporter and just beam back and forth!

  5. Tim S. I’m a proud lifelong Republican. You are sadly mistaken and have absolutely nothing to back up your claim that I’m always rooting against the State Party? By and large I think they’ve done fine, but this was a blown opportunity.

    I want them to do their job. This was a clear opening. It took five days to respond.

    They were in Minnesota, so what. I hope they have phones. I hope by now they’ve started cultivating the press. Press conference on Tuesday? Press release posted on Wednesday with the heading “in case you missed it”. I’m sorry, that’s pathetic. They could send a press release out from Minnesota, could they not?

    I want Mitchell out. I want the state party to be part of the solution for achieving that goal. Again, it was a missed opportunity.

  6. “Standing at a podium, with the Arizona Republican Party seal prominently displayed, Pullen made his comments with an oversized picture of Harry Mitchell to his right with the caption “November 2006,” an oversized photo of a seal balancing a ball its nose on his left with the caption “August 2007,” and a banner with the words, “Because the Desert is no place for a Trained Seal,” behind him.”


  7. I love how you guys give people animal names if you don’t like them. If you don’t follow GOP party line, you’re a “rino.” If you do follow the Dem party line, you’re a “trained seal.”

  8. Brass Pair says

    Hey Hmm, I guess that makes you a jackass.

  9. I’m just glad the Party did something…the media sure didn’t report it. Nor,did they report Harry’s franking fetish that looks more like tax payer funded campaign pieces. But, according to Harry he did not spend franking money this year! He is not only a trained seal, he is a lying, underhanded two-faced low life.

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