Mitchell and Giffords flunk Freedom Index.

The New American magazine has released their first ratings on the 110th congress. You know they do not grade on the curve when Franks and Shadegg only get 80%. Pastor and Grijalva both received 30%. Harry Mitchell got a 20% and Gabrielle Goffords was the lowest score in Arizona at 10%. Just for reference Rahm Emmanuel (IL-5) received a 20%, John Conyers (MI-14) a 30%, and Ron Paul (TX-14) get the only 100%.

Don’t miss the cartoon on page 5 of the report.


  1. John Birch Society ratings????”

  2. Passonate Moderate says

    Mitchell and Giffords are hard left. The “Blue Dog” garbage is just spin! Look at their ratings from 2005. From each according their abilities to each according to their needs.

  3. Chip,

    What does that have to do with anything? Are you contending that they put together the scores so that Shadegg only got an 80% and Giffords got the lowest score in AZ? If anything the 100% for Ron Paul suggests that the JBS has gone libertarian. But good job trying to deflect the low scores for Mitchell and Giffords.

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